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Watch out for this typical bubble chart of ripple

Watch out for this typical bubble chart of ripple.
Despite recent positive news on ripple, I am just not convinced that a centralized cryptocurrency would ever become mainstream, it was just a bubble , FOMO. Rumors are flying around in Japan especially on Japanese exchanges, such as coincheck, they even went down few days ago due to a demand surge.

Let me show you how a typical bubble chart looks like, so you can compare that to ripple.
what about the 10+ banks signed on?
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JoE nanozeus99
@nanozeus99, That doesn't mean banks needs to buy it themselves. also with all the sudden volume or should we say volatility, banks will not be able to execute international wire transfer without losing money on exchange rates. People buy on ripple news, and it will fall after that. History do repeats, I believe.
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@JoE, agreed, somewhat. banks are moving in the direction of crypto for saving money. and they can save almost 60% with ripple as an international currency medium. so after the current correction (based on hype) why wouldnt they?
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