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XVG Symmetrical Triangle = breakDOWN

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
75% of most symmetrical triangles are signs of an uptrend, Unfortunately 25% of cases incur a breakdown.
I've learnt my lesson in trying to predict the nature of a symmetrical triangle that is so heavily reliant on Bitcoins Influence!

All corrections in general are extremely hard to predict given the many different types of possible correction pathways it will take!
When dealing with these alt-coins I see that we must take into consideration the health of the "King Coin".

In my Analysis I have shown two possible likely scenarios with XVG, I'm not here to spread FUD about this coin. Personally I don't check the news in deciding on investments either, although I do read them after I have sold my winnings to see what news came AFTER the price has moved. (I think I described how most people check on their EXes..)

Keep your confidence in the overall markets, Bitcoins correction is completely healthy and if we do see lows of 8k then expect some CRAZY numbers at the end of 2018!
In my OPINION, this year will make a lot of Millionaires and the players armed with knowledge of Technical Analysis will be the players on top of the leaderboard!

As always please hit me with some constructive criticism as it's what I'm mainly looking for here!

Good luck Everyone!
Bình luận: ABC up for the B target, then a possible crash!!!!

Guys keep this count in your awareness, this is highly probably for price movement!
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Hey guys, I can see Bitcoins correction nearing the end, (still some ways to go)
sorry for being absent, but I'm not very good at playing the bear market, and have been studying up in it. Made some amazing gains so far and will be ready to play XVG as soon as we enter a solid uptrend for Bitcoin !

As for verge, we will likely hit 400 - 480 satoshi and I will be damn sure to ladder in during the last phase of this market wide correction!
Here's another long term trend forecast, which would tend to agree with your forecast, but the targets differ.

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