Verge To Hit Dream Numbers Just like zclassic / Monero PART 2

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
This is The Deep Spec of Verge
Using Fibbonacci Time zone

The way Fib Time Zone Work is following:

The First one is put at the first significal LOW and connected to the Next time it bottomed at that low...

So lets take a look back in in time...

We see that it isn't before Time zone 4th that the price rose to madness..

and if you take a closer look then you will see the significal low right after that.

Now check out the future time line on the next post.

Stay Bullish on this.
essentially what it come's down to, is if there are a lot of nodes active and is it anonymous

I can only answer the second one with a YES
the first one is building up as im posting this.

Now if you are not convinced yet, then maby this will.

The reason Some Coins are extreeme bullish is that they all have one thing in common.

They are used to buy and sell stuff on the blackmarket. There is no longer answer to that. ( and it's scary i know )

But it is also very real.. Deals are being made right now as im writing this.

There for This is a SOLID COIN. I personally don't like or are in any way assosiated with that place.

But i know enough to give you a clear picture on what is really bullish!

Happy trading
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