BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Unless the trend breaks like seen the ripple massacre, XRG is looking like a strong buy in the short term. Bull market should be determined by Jan 11-13, could be an enormous jump when the triangle meets its maker!
Bình luận: mmmm hit .15, I'm all in for this one
Bình luận: .17 now, apparently that paid off for men not as greedy as I. Still going to hold out for the bigone
Bình luận: See where the graph says upwards? look familiar to today's pattern so far? From what i see, I speculate the wave comes in appx 8 hours. buy up
Bình luận: two attempts at a run. Still looks like a buy for the next few hours, well off of the trend. However, check 1d CMC and we have some "green" numbers appearing soon, could give it an audience boost
Bình luận: FUCK
Bình luận: hodl. Don't be a dummy, we've been here before. that other coin won't help
Market absolute garbage, hold every single thing you have and hope the reorganization is in your favor in the next few days.
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So what do you think... $0.50??? ATH????

Some predicted $1.70...
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addisonj xleratehighlander
@xleratehighlander, Pretty much dictated by total market cap. Right now mkt cap is at 2.5B. I think it can easily reach 10B in the coming weeks, meaning price would be around 60 cents. 1.70 would be a little outrageous considering Verge doesn't have the marketing and manipulation shenanigans like seen in TRON...
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I have lost count of how many bullish trading view charts have been wrong now! please vergey boi do us proud
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addisonj Timothie_Roggers
@Timothie_Roggers, Time. But yes, I have also lost track. Keep in mind, the market manipulation by coinmarketcap has completely thrown trends out of the door recently. For almost all alts, it appeared on coinmarket cap that the "one day price change" was worse than it actually would have been in reality, thus scaring investors from buying a stock that is -10% even though the price didnt actually change.. Alts fell and their eth/btc patterns all looked very similar. Tell me collusion isn't happening. The past two weeks alts have dominated, so much so that exchanges that offer alts have closed their doors to new customers until Jan 15th...but you can still buy btc/eth/bch on coinbase lol. Check the trend reversal on total market dominance. It is a colluded last chance effort to halt the alts before new money comes in. By making it appear that they are "on the way down" and Btc/eth/bch are the "coins of the week". The twitter warriors and btc whales are feeling nervous, so why not bribe some of the market shapers for their benefit???
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So is the second blue line an indicator of an upward trend from 16?
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addisonj TonyLawson
@TonyLawson, The second blue is there for time purposes. I don't have a crystal ball (unfortunately), but when I made this I assumed that if the yellow line was broken then the price would test resistance. It tried to make a bull run, but as shown support was broken and a crash ensued.. The second blue line was to illustrate that even if base trend support was broken, i still expect some type of sharp price recovery, likely to original support levels. HODL my friend don't panic!
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addisonj TonyLawson
@TonyLawson, If I had to give my best guess, I think the ripple/CMC massacre played a role in making xvg more volatile in recent days. The delayed release of wraith and subsequent PR blunder by verge has driven a lot of panic selling. Thus why we are seeing these exaggerated triangles as the days get more recent. I am still long on verge as the community is strong and technically speaking, it isn't a nightmare yet. Rewards come to those who wait and buy on dips....
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TonyLawson addisonj
@addisonj, Yeah it's slow to move back up that's for sure. There will be a real movement to privacy coins in the future. It's only logical that people will gravitate to systems where purchases are #####'s.
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