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I don’t know a thing about this coin. @_tm3k has been Tweeting about it for a few days and it caught my attention but not enough to look at, until now.

Hard not to like 1,100% gains. Sounds ridiculous but certain coins have been absolutely smoking those targets. Looking at this one on longer-term cycles, it looks like it may be ready to go.

In any event, we have a stop. If we get stopped out, then that sucks. But, there are many things I like about the price action.

It has convincingly broken out of a large red Kumo on the daily.

  • Green Kumo twist
  • Large triangle/flagging pattern
  • Coin has been around for a long time so lots of price discovery.

These old coins that come back to popularity from a pump tend to really pick up the volume too.

Price has already broken out over the last several days from the 00300 range. We’re looking for a firm breakout of the 0.786 Fib, which conveniently intersects with the downtrend line on the daily.

Target is based on a full extension to .031. While I have my reservations that we’ll get there, it’s definitely possible so long as crypto doesn’t continue to correct. In any event, I’d be very happy with the gains at a retest of the all-time high or the 1.272 extension .

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Bình luận: Right now the more I read on this coin the more I like it. They even have competent marketing.

Thinking this one may be a sleeper, but I'm an hour into research and have to sleep.

Will write on it tomorrow.
Bình luận: Trade thread now live on (in my signature).

I've liked this coin enough as I've been reading on it that I actually have increased my position. Privacy coins are hot and are going to be hotter in 2018. I have reservations with the existing options and this one may be a real sleeper.

That being said, DYOR because I haven't done enough of mine yet.
Bình luận:

Nothing to report but I like how stable it stayed amidst BTC dumping, especially considering it's a ratio pair.

Did a lot more research on this coin and still overall like what I've seen. There's a few things that concern me, but I'm a big believer that all currencies are demand backed currencies and there's no major red flags (yet).

When this coin gets more attention it's going to Verge.

New update to trade thread.
Bình luận: New update to trade thread on this coin. Seeing some upward movement. Let's see if it can break the line convincingly in the next few hours.

Bình luận: New update to post for trade thread. Looks like we've got our breakout of the former downtrend line. Let's see where ZCoin can go.
Bình luận: It's happening.

Bình luận: New update to trade thread.


Now sitting in profit on this trade. I feel confident it's going to moon until it gives me reason to believe otherwise.
Giao dịch bắt đầu: There she goes. Break of the all-time high.


Trade it on Binance in my signature.
Bình luận: Update to trade thread with next targets.
Bình luận: New update to trade thread.


Our original buy is up nearly 100% already. Trade this coin on Binance in my signature below.

ZCoin is looking good. Check out the webpage and take a look around at the docs.
Bình luận: New update to trading post. Giant flag after break out.


We'll see what the renewed BTC bull does.
Bình luận:

Verge continues to trade sideways, albeit in a relatively large range on longer-term time frames. Still above the prior all time high. Patience required, but I still expect upward movement.

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Bình luận: To me, the fact that we've sat up here for so long without falling below the all-time high is more likely to be accumulation than distribution.

That being said, it takes some patience and some strong hands.


But I do think another move upwards is coming on this coin.
Bình luận: Got a break out on Binance. (Use the link in my signature).


Large red Kumo has been painted on the 1H but on longer candles it's not there. Will have to start this thread again with the Binance chart since TV finally enabled support.
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can u update your thoughts?
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Hey Rivers! Thanks for the continued progress reports on this one, though ZCoin is what we're trading in just so no one is confused :)
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Funny story. I entered at 0.00539993 & accidentally sold at 0.00743000. I had that area on my chart as a target to reach, but didn't mean to sell.
Looked back at my chart to re-enter looking at a possible retrace back to a previous high.. set up my laddered buys at 0.00668360, 0.00699053, 0.00699054.
All buy targets hit..
Back in the game. Lol

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Thanks for the heads up on Zcoin, Rivers.
I've registered with Binance using your link a couple days ago. Waited to be verified with Lvl.2 Authentication, which now has been successful.
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@Avonleigh, That's fast KYC. I haven't submitted mine but I don't need the extra limits. Probably should submit anyways.
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Thanks! How do we add funds to subscribe to the Yours posts?
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@ericc85, sorry - disregard, figured it out.
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Where do you get the money from? Do you pull out of other coins to get into what you think is going to pop next?
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RiversAndMountains PRO blackhatproductions
@blackhatproductions, I trade with a separate piece of BTC on Binance. Because of that I pretty much always have to consider what to do with the positions. In this case, I had kept some BTC on hand and used that to buy with.
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