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ZCL breakout forming. Long term goodness ahead.

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
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ZCL is like coiled spring - ready to be sprung. Consolidation period and ascending triangle is coming to an end soon (approximately 24-30hours).
It's pretty amazing how far we've come already without having the official fork date set. Been riding this train since 550k sat. Next major catalysts & activities:

1) Fork date announcement (well DUUH) -> forceful upward movement.
2) Possible Trex / Topia fork support announcement -> fomo kicks in like never before.
3) 1-2 days inb4 fork -> price will peak -> selling opportunity
4) After fork: serious ZCL unloading & possible BTCP dumpening.

My strategy:
1) Sell some ZCL at the near fork peak to cover cost & make some sweet BTC
2) Dump ZCL immediately after fork
3) HODL BTCP loooong (as I actually believe that this project could turn out one of the most successful forks. Ever.)
4) Hoard moar BTCP with profits.

One could try to pull BTCP dumpening & buy back with cheaper price, but it could turn out to be risky move.

Some crude ideas about satoshi targets:

1) current week (without ann): 185 - 2 000 000 sat
2) fork announcement: ~3 500 000 sat
3) exchange support announcement: 450 - 5 000 00 sat.
4) near forkening fomo peak: 600- 7 000 000 sat -> profit taking time. Sell 10-30% of ZCL , hodl the rest for BTCP.

What do you think?
Bình luận: Quick update: wedge pattern is quite solid tool for pinpointing possible trend change areas. Crash came right on schedule - quite the opposite what I was looking for :).

If only BTC & crypto followed common sense. We'll see where this is going. I still believe in ZCL/BTCP fork success and will follow my own strategy.
Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: Done deal. Gonna update once BTCP gets listed to exchanges.
It sure was helluva ride. Sold my bags with decent 250% profit and re-entered on the dip. Gonna HODL BTCP for a while. We'll see how that one plays out.
Phản hồi
It sure did broke out - to fundamentally wrong direction. Without fork date news we shall see bloodbath for the time being. Such is crypto. This seems to apply almost to every project at the moment. I will be watching this one closely. Should it drop under 1mil sat there might open up great chance to load up more ZCL.

Order book stats (TREX): 78BTC to 800k -> prolly going to buy more should it tank.

Remember guys : buy right - sit tight! Do not get fooled and dump in panic. Great things will come to those with courage.
Phản hồi
if we see something I believe it will be growth this week. The fork date is still unconfirmed and all we can believe is mid to late Jan...
Phản hồi
7 million satoshi? A bit too ambitious no ? xD
Phản hồi
Vizionaire PattyMcPat
@PattyMcPat, I know right.. But crazier things have happened in crypto. Might as well aim high :).
+1 Phản hồi
Crypto_Adz PattyMcPat
@PattyMcPat, this is about $950-$1000 a coin. It's possible. but who is really going to buy at this price? all estimates for the equally distributed $BTCP will be
valued at perhaps $300-$350. which you would then be paying over 3x the cost for at 7MM Satoshi. . . still crazily possible.
Phản hồi
PattyMcPat Crypto_Adz
@Crypto_Adz, I agree. But it's definitely going up that's for sure. 200 dollars is still undervalued. I expect this personally to go to 600 max
Phản hồi
mlotis PattyMcPat
@PattyMcPat, Who knows what BTCP is going to be valued at. Once it forks, it'll be almost at max supply and scarcity will drive the price way up.
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