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ZECBTC - A Dark Horse

BITTREX:ZECBTC   Zcash / Bitcoin
ZEC is a coin that's been falling on the ranks of CoinMarketCap as new and more "exciting" coins are introduced or discovered. A lot of FUD exists around the mining and distribution of the coin, however, one cannot underestimate the tech that ZEC is built on - zk-SNARKs

" are the single most under-hyped thing in cryptography right now." - Vitalik Buterin ( Ethereum Founder)

"Zero-knowledge proofs may be the future of private trade." - Edward Snowden


With the recent rise of coins like VERGE (a rebranded DogecoinDark coin believe it or not!) and ZClassic (forking to Bitcoin Private), people are notably chasing privacy coins that are perceived "cheap" due to price and fail to see the underlying tech and the associated marketcap. Trading at $580 and $1.7bn market cap, ZEC is UNBELIEVABLY undervalued (though $580 may "seem" pricy) considering VERGE is at $0.16c but $2.3bn market cap!

I love to find coins that are undervalued or unrecognised. As opposed to chasing the green entering for a 30% swing (and potentially missing and failing badly), It's much more rewarding financially to enter before everyone else does and hold for the entire run of +300-500% all the way (less downside risk too if it's trending at support).

NOTE: Patience & strong hands required as ZEC traditionally moves with little volume .

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