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Monero vs Zcash – Which is better and why?

POLONIEX:ZECXMR   Zcash / Monero
So guys, today I will talk a bit about the differences between Monero versus Zcash. I got a few question about this, so let me make clear. First of all you have to decide what you are going to do. Mining or investing?

If you will decide if there are security reasons in the decision, both cryptocurrency is perfect. But here are a lot of differences between Monero (XMR) and Zcash (ZEC

So let’s talk first about Monero (XMR) and after that Zcash (ZEC).

Monero is an absolutely high privacy based crypto. Was created in 2014, so that means it is a relatively old crypto money. You can send money with them so neither the receiving party nor the sender’s details and the transaction are public in the blockchain. Many of Monero fans, and investors thinks that are the truly advantage of the coin. For example Bitcoin don’t have this privacy.

There are all transactions traceable and visible on the chain. Thanks to this feature, you have the chance to have every transaction completely secure and unvisible. All data are private, such as the sender, the receiver and transaction amount. It focuses on protecting and encrypting the parties. The technology behind Monero, called CryptoNote. Which is a high secure privacy protection algorithm. For this reason, the entire process can not be traced. It is untraceable.

You rightly think that every crypto is untraceable, but sadly that is not the point. That’s why Monero is so awesome. You can store your XMR in a Monero GUI wallet.
The price for Monero at this time is 350 USD, and still growing. Just in comparison end of September 2017 it was only 99 cents.
So Zcash: Let’s take a closer look.

The most significant difference between Monero vs Zcash is the privacy. I have a bad news guys, Zcash don’t have all this things that I listed above. It’s secure but man that is a cryptocurrency, it should be safe. So in my opinion that isn’t a big feature of Zcash. It is traceable, the transactions (80-90% of them) are public. Your transactions can be visible on the chain, so in that reason it isn’t so safe and secure than Monero.

Only 10-15% of all transactions are secure, because security reason. Zcash don’t want to finance any questioned businesses. When you want to send money completely secure, you can do it, so you can choose between 2 options.

In my opinion the greatest disadvantage is that Zcash is a company. So can’t be decentralized and when the founders want create more Zcash for themselves they can do it. So the system can be very manipulative. There also the thing that 20% of all Zcash transactions goes to Zcash and to the founders.
The actually price for Zcash is 550 usd, and also growing.

Let’s summarizes the Monero vs Zcash fight. Monero has a lot more advantages wasn’t founded by a company, does not depend on anyone and is entirely focused on security and anonymity. For those who are important not to be traced, it is definitely a better choice. I’m not saying that the Zcash is bad, but there are some of its owners which make it less attractive to me in my eyes.
By the end of Sep 2017 it was around 99-100 USD and not cents :-p
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XMR was 99 cents 4 months ago? Do your homework again
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lavandin99 crypto_ninja
@crypto_ninja, and thats all what you get from this post?
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