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ZIL - Two Potential Options!

BINANCE:ZILBTC   Zilliqa / Bitcoin
Looking at the messy graph I've put together you will notice two Elliot Waves. The dark blue is one possible path and the light blue is another possible path. They agree with each other up until Trend Wave 2, then they each give a different end point for Trend Wave 3. The dark blue's Trend Waves 1-5 end and its A-C Waves begin then it proceeds to start over at Trend Wave 1 which could be what we are in now. However, if you were to put these two lines on a daily chart the light blue Elliot Wave begins to look more valid than the dark blue. Regardless of their differences they agree, somewhat, on the next buy price region indicated buy the green rectangle . If the price action were to hit that region and reverse then I have two sell points each indicated by a red rectangle .
Bình luận: Revamped my chart for a few technical and visual adjustments ;)
Bình luận: Still looking good with the new chart, no changes needed :)
Bình luận: This is an excellent chart to watch. If I am wrong about the length of the 5 Wave then looking at this chart wouldn't be a bad idea.
Bình luận: I have yet another adjustment.... This one is just highlighting the potential paths that I believe ZIL might take. The yellow path is my favorite and the one that all of my previous charts have shown, however I wouldn't be surprised if the price actions chooses a path that lies between the yellow and orange.
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