Candles Trend 1

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ok so i republish this indicator again. first version had some repaint issue so it been removed
here the script does not suppuse to have this issue
so it basic 1 day MTF candles over 1 week MTF candles
blue color is bullish , orange is berrish
the signal and alert are produced by the crossing of the daily over the weekly close (in the case of the weekly it non security type of MTF.
for stocks I use 1 week over 1 month MTF on lower TF

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Thanks man nice work
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I analyzed your previous script, in that scrpit the accuracy was nearly 90% but I was still not beating the benchmark and the number of trades were also very less.
I tried this script again using NIFTY and NIFTY futures (like before), compared to the previous script this one has an accuracy of ~43%, but still I am able to beat the benchmark by a good distance. I had changed the HFT parameter = '1Day' and Res = '1H/30min'. A significant improvement over the previous one.

Looking at the script I think this will not repaint but I am yet to check that. Thanks for the script!
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RafaelZioni SaiyadRasikh
@SaiyadRasikh, not suppose to repaint
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