PriceCatch Trading System consists of two scripts. PriceCatch-Main and PriceCatch-Sub. This is a long trades (buy trades) only system. No short signals are included in this system.

Using a combination of Moving averages and Bollinger bands , two waves are plotted on the Chart - a Fast Wave and a Macro Wave to show price movement.

Additionally, this system automatically plots Fibonacci and harmonic levels making it very easy for you to spot various support and resistance levels. See image below.

The System signals that a upward price movement is probable, when the Macro Wave changes color to Blue. Using this indicator, buy trades are initiated when the MacroWave turns Blue and price is at the 0.382 level and when the 0 level line turns Green. As the System draws the Levels when the downward price movement fizzles out, traders will be able to enter into long positions very early and stay in the trade longer to make better profits.

As the bullish trend becomes stronger, the System marks the strength on the 0.382 level line with different color-codes - green being the strongest. When both '0' level and at 0.382 level lines turn Green upward price movement becomes very likely.

Buy trades may also be taken when price comes back to touch the Macro Wave after the levels are drawn. When price touches the MacroWave for the first time, a "Green triangle" marker is placed to help take the trade.
When the Macro Wave is Red, no buy trades must be taken.

The system uses a helper script PriceCatch-Sub to plot Heikin-Ashi candles and both work in tandem to help you identify entries, manage your trade and plan your exits. Trend based colored candles and Heikin Ashi candles help to reduce noise and give more clarity on price movement.

It works on all time frames and on all instruments. Two alerts can be set as per your choice.

The PriceCatch Trading System attempts to hide complexity and presents actionable signals in a clean manner that makes it easy for traders of all levels to understand and benefit from.

This is a comprehensive system and support is provided to help you understand it and to use it.

Use the link below or PM us for trial access to this System.

Thank you.
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PriceCatch Trading System
Clean Charts. Clear Signals. Consistent Profits.

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