9KSCALPBOT 5x 15-min Strategy

This scalp bot uses low leverage to scalp small but high certainty movements on the 15-minute timeframe. Its amazing proprietary feature addresses the common problem of accumulated losses due to excessive stop-lossing -- this is done by assessing macro trends on higher timeframes when underwater, and then riding the position out until profitable again. You will get an average of about 1 entry and 1 exit per day.

The core logic uses a modified combination of CCI and Schaff Trend oscillators and a proprietary pattern recognition mechanic. Leverage should be kept low (5X or less) as the algorithm could temporarily go significantly underwater as well as pyramid (stack) same direction entries up to five times before closing. Any leverage higher than 5X significantly increases risk of liquidation. This bot has been consistently backtested for 10 months with about 75-85% win rate, 100%+ 3-month profitability, very low ~5% drawdown, all after factoring typical BitMex fees (0.06% after counting affiliate self-referral).

As with any automated strategy, it does not account for black swan events or disruptions in server connectivity (e.g., BitMex overload errors).
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Bình luận

would love access to this to try it out. What need i to do :)
Phản hồi
@cycle4life, I will inform people when it becomes available for the public. It is undergoing some maintenance upgrades and live testing at the moment. Give it another 2 weeks or so.
+1 Phản hồi
@cycle4life, The bot is now available on a waitlist. You can DM me on for more info.
Phản hồi
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