[STUDY] CypherCore Trading Suite

Rerband. Now a STUDY script.

- RSI overlay indicators (diamond shapes)
- Most commonly used MA types( i.e. SMA , EMA , WMA , VWMA , ZEMA )
- Bands
- Price Action Indicator (color coordinated)
color code:
  • yellow --- inside bars (breakout)
  • blue --- outside bars (breakout)
  • green --- up pin bars (reversal)
  • red --- down pin bars (reversal)
  • fuchsia --- down shaved bars (selling pressure, selling likely to continue)
  • aqua --- up shaved bars (buying pressure, buying likely to continue)
- Reversal candlestick patterns (only a few for now)
- Two strategies for determining buy/sell signals
  • 1. buy/sell signals determined by EMAs crossover (better for position or swing trades)
  • 2. buy/sell signals determined by MAs crossover (better for scalping)

- Switched to STUDY
- Fractals added
- Alerts now fully working
- New "Input" menu

Buy/Sell signals are NOT financial advice.
Mar 02
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