Commodity Channel Index + Relative Strength Index (Same Scale)

Mashup, combining (adjusted) RSI and CCI .

These two indicators serve similar functions, but on different scales. I combined the two versions from the TradingView Built-In library into one chart, keeping the default setting for the CCI signal lines and fitting the RSI's default signal lines to them, so that they line up. I therefore adjusted the RSI to match the approximate range of the CCI and added additional lines to represent the maximum and minimum values of the RSI (0 - 100).

I did that by multiplying the RSI with 5, and subtracting 250.

Adjusted RSI = ( RSI * 5) - 250

So the upper signal line (default: 70) now matches the line used for the CCI at 100. The lower signal line (default: 30) lines up with -100.
If you want to adjust them, you need to use the formula. I annotated the code if you want to dive deeper.

This indicator uses the original code and styling of the default Built-In RSI and CCI . Credit goes to the appropriate developers. My only intent is to mash up both of these indicators, making it easier to compare them.

Interpreting this indicator is the same as interpreting the underlying indicators. If you find any unexpected correlations, comment.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Changed preview chart. It now shows examples with annotations. Ignore code changes, added annotation because I had to change something for it to let me update.
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