Elder's Triple Screen all in one

This indicator is coded to have all the setting to have the triple screen trading system by Dr . Alexander Elder. You can use different oscillator and can switch between elder force index (for more active traders) and stochastic (for more conservative approach) you just have to check or
uncheck the relative button on the indicator setting, it will switch automatically. The barcolor reflect the underline trend based on a bigger timeframe, 5 time greater than the one you apply the indicator to.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: fixed hlines when switching to force index
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I'm familiar with Triple screen but how do you use this, what do the lines and the red and green indicate.
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Hi I have been trying to tweak the time ratio in the script to use a value of 7 instead of 5, but changing the value seems to have no effect to the buy/sell indications. Would this suggest there is a problem?
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But how to use it?
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Hi Bitcon is there a explanation how to use this script? Thanks
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The impulse system is flawed here, it does not match up with the elder impulse script.
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Biticon zbank500
@zbank500, hello zbank500, what elder impulse script you refer to? this one is elder triple screen, is different from normal impulse.
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