What does the indicator do?

The indicator plots the percent difference between the low and high prices against a combined Kelpler Channel Bollinger Bands for the current timeframe. The low percent difference and the high percent difference each have their own waves plotted. A mirror mode default allows both waves to be visualized in a mirrored plot that clearly shows when outer bands are present and when they swap. Each percent difference band is displayed with a 1 bar lookback to visualize local tops/bottoms.

The overall trend is displayed using two sets of green/red colors on the percent difference waves so that each wave is recognizable, but the overall price trend is visible. A fast 3 SMA is taken of each percent difference wave to obtain the overall trend and then averaged together. The trend is then calculated based on direction from the previous bar period.

How should this indicator be used?

By default, the indicator will display in a mirror mode which will display both the low and high percent change waves mirrored to allow for the most pattern recognition possible. You will notice the percent difference waves swap from inner to outer, showing the overall market direction for that timeframe. When each percent difference wave interacts with the zero line, it indicates either buys or sells opportunities depending on which band is on the inside. When the inner wave crosses zero, special attention should be paid to the outer wave to know if it's a significant move. Likewise, when the outer wave peaks, it can indicate buy or sell opportunities depending on which wave is on the outside.

A zero line and other lines are displayed from the highest of the high percent difference wave over a long period of time. The lines can measure movement and possible oversold/overbought locations or large volatility. You can also use the lines for crossing points for either wave as alerts to know when to buy or sell zones are happening.

When individual percent difference waves are designed to be reviewed without mirroring, the mirror checkbox can be unchecked in the settings. Doing so will display both the high and low percent difference waves separately. Using this display, you can more cleanly review how each wave interacts with various line levels.

For those who desire to only have half of the mirror or one set of waves inverted against each other, check the "mirrored" and the "mirrored flipped" checkboxes in the settings. Doing so will display the top half of the mirror indicator, which is the low percent difference wave with the high percent difference wave inverted.

The indicator will also change the background color of its own pane to indicate possible buy/sell periods (work in progress).

Does the indicator include any alerts?

Yes, they are a work in progress but starting out with this release, we have:

NOTE: This is an initial release version of this indicator. Please do not use these alerts with bots yet, as they will repaint in real-time.
NOTE: A later release may happen that will delay firing the events until 1/2 of the current bar time has passed.
NOTE: As with any indicator watch your upper timeframe waves first before zooming into lower.

DB KCBB%D Buy Zone Alert

DB KCBB%D Sell Alert

DB KCBB%D Trend Up Alert
DB KCBB%D Trend Down Alert

Use at your own risk and do your own diligence.

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