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This is an indicator that provides two verses of relative force indices (RSI) - an RSI Rapid and an RSI Normal, but as moving media (MA) applied with an RSI Rapid for suavização.

Rapid RSI and Normal RSI:
Or RSI is a momentum indicator that mediates the speed and alteração of preço movements of an ativo. No script, we calculate the RSI variations:
O RSI Rápido, com um período configurável que por padrão é but curto (5 períodos), para reactor but quickly to these mudanças no preço.
Or RSI Normal, with a configured period, but with a maximum value (14 periods), proportionate to an analysis but correct.

Media Móvel do RSI Rápido:
We have a simple mobile media (SMA) application with RSI Rapido, using the same number of times as RSI to monitor variations and facilitate viewing of the direction of the trend.

Levels of Overbought and Oversold:
These are the levels of overbought (sobrevendido) and oversold (sobrecomprado). Therefore, the overbought level is set at 80 and the overbought level is 20, depending on the classic RSI settings.

Alert Conditions:
Criamos alert conditions to inform you when the RSI of each type is ultrapassed or they are not defined as overbought and oversold. Assim, we can be notified of potential entry points or conditions based on these extreme market conditions. These messages are personalized to ensure that you quickly identify when the RSI has disappeared or alerted you if it is an overbought or oversold condition.

Visualization Graphic:
The indicator plots as RSI Rapid and RSI Normal lines not graphically for visual analysis, but with horizontal lines indicating the level of overbought and oversold. A cor dessas linehas éjustável para clareza.

Informative Table:

The tab is added to the lower side of the graphic fornecendo values at the real time of the RSI Fast as the RSI Normal, making it easier to visualize quickly and to compare unless it is necessary to print directly for the graphic.

This script has a powerful ferrament for operators that provides integrated analysis of RSI into its strategies, offering flexibility to monitor the dynamics of the preço and different tempo scales. Personal alerts are particularly important to be aware of marketing conditions without the need for constant monitoring. Algum additional functionality that you find useful or extra personalization that you want?
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In this version 4.0, the option of being able to choose the moving average value in the setup was added

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