PT TMA Bands

Version 1.0 of our TMA Bands is a visual of areas of interest. The purpose of this indicator is to determine where the price will likely bounce or reject. When an asset is ranging, it very well respects the neutral (middle) zone. The highest RR trade setups are when the price goes from one end of the bands to another.

The bands included are of an ATR multiplier based on multiple moving averages. Each moving average has a unique feature that offers a high probability reaction when price gravitates towards it. We have color-coordinated the bands into three zones. The Main zone being the middle area where the asset tends to play ping pong & range, Top zone, which offers the best RR for shorts & the bottom zone, which provides the best RR for longs.

When scalping or swinging, always look for shorts close to the red zone as possible with a stop loss above the red band. When longing, always look for longs close to the green zone area with a stop loss below the green band. Anything in orange is a neutral zone, which will confirm the asset is more than likely ranging. I don’t advise taking trades in that zone unless you have solid risk management. When playing the macros, H12+ always look for price to find support at the orange (middle) band before deciding on a shift in trend. If the asset breaks down from the orange (middle) band, you usually get a retest of that band before further downside. Also, something to consider, if you punt longs at the green zone, you want to target the orange (middle) band. If you punt shorts at the red zone, you want to target the orange (middle) band. I usually take 70% off at the middle band & let the rest run if ultimately end up in the opposite zone.

This Oscillator is best with the buy/sell signals we provide. It offers extra confluence with stop loss & targets. I enjoy using it on all time frames for swinging & scalping. It is included as part of the library. Just message us for access!
Phát hành các Ghi chú: V 2.0
-Added trend logic to mid band for trend visual. Green for bullish trend, Red for bearish trend, Gray for neutral.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: V 2.1
-Added alerts for top/bottom band
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