Candle Patterns H1 Chart

Small mistake fixed.
Jun 15
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With the right knowledge on price action and this indicator you would be able to make great trades.

! ! ! IMPORTANT ! ! !
Only works on 1 hour chart.
Also I designed it on Forex charts so if you want to try on other charts you are more than welcome to try and see if it works.

I will write a pdf file on how to analyze the chart correctly and if you have access to the chart you will get access to the pdf as well. Some people will notice the Candlestick patters and dont need the pdf, or you can go and read on "google" what all this patterns mean.

Alarm system is in place. Pro members will be able to put one alarm per share and get alarm on each label. Pro members get only 10 alarms per account.

Doji = Doji for Bull and Bear
Rej = Green - Bullish Red - Bearish
OC = Green - Outside candle Bullish Red - Outside candle Bearish
"IB" = Green - Inside bar Bullish Red - Inside bar Bearish
"PB" = Green - Bullish Pin Bar Red - Bearish Pin Bar

Let me know if you would like to have this indicator. I will give the first few for free as soon as there are a few people that have this indicator I am going to start selling it! :)

I have no coding background at all. . .

I would like to have your comments on this indicator.

Jun 18
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Jun 21
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Jun 21
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Hello Nico,

can I please have access to this indicator? Are you planning on multiple timeframe inside-bar analysis. I'm in a group that has a bot running to detect 15 min through to monthly. Very useful.
Phản hồi
@SKG79, Hi, unfortunately this indicator does not work for all the charts. I can change it for you if you want it to a specific chart then give you access to that one. Im trying to design it like that. Would you still want access to this 1hour chart script and will you be able to tell me that group please? You can inbox me.
Phản hồi
@SKG79, Good day, I have designed a new candlestick patterns indicator if you would like to try it out?
Phản hồi
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