CUT MY LOSSESS - Levereged Stop loss + R / R ratio checker

Hello traders!
We have heard many times that keep your losses small and allow your profits to grow. But what happens is that we often make the mistake of doing high-margin trades that we cannot afford to lose. The main reason for this problem, in my opinion, is the rush to open a position and not paying attention to how much acceptable loss in each trade is for us? Is our stop loss point compatible with the loss we are willing to accept?
Many of the losses we incur are not due to our erroneous analysis but to the wrong trading strategy, miscalculation of Stop Loss and failure to calculate the Risk/Reward for each trade. At least for most novice traders, these mistakes happen .

This script does not have complicated logic and is designed only as a help for those who are not interested in working with calculators !! I hope that sometimes that we are very excited to buy, looking at this script can give us a serious flip to avoid risk .

This is a basic script that helps us to intuitively check our stop loss in according to our leverage and to guess the approximate risk/reward of our trade. This script assumes that you always trade with half of your total capital. It is also assumed that you routinely use up to ten percent of your capital for each trade. Therefore, the first variable in this script is the amount of tolerable loss in each trade for you, which is set to 25% by default. So if you follow the previous assumptions, each trade will endanger 2.5% of your capital.

Since not all analyzes are ever accurate, we need to enter into positions that have good Risk/Reward ratio, so that even if half of our analysis fails, we will profitable. Therefore, the second variable in this script is the acceptable Risk/Reward ratio for us, which is set to 1:4 by default.

Also, to check the efficiency of the stop-loss with different trading leverage, I add five leverage by default from 1 to 5 as lines on the side of your stop-loss point.
LeV A (Lowest Leverage-WHITE): 1 by default
LeV B (AQUA): 2 by default
LeV C (YELLOW): 3 by default
LeV D (ORANGE): 4 by default
LeV E (Highest Leverage-RED):5 by default

You can change all these leverages and Acceptable margin loss and R/R ratio according to your needs.
You can also hide the leverage lines you are not dealing with through the script settings .

You will also see lines on the side of your target point to check your risk/reward ,so you can approximate your target according to your trading leverage and the risk/reward you accept. you can also hide these R/R lines from the setting.

Important Note: This script is not designed to give you a stop loss point or take profit point.
To find these points, you must use technical analysis methods , and then use this script to check the coordination of these points with your trading strategy.

Using the script is simple, but I will try to explain it with a few examples.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The first step is to look at the lines on the side of your stop loss.If your stop loss is placed above any of the lines, means that the maximum leverage you can trade is the leverage corresponding to that line or the leverage less than that. These lines are
based on the amount of acceptable loss you set for each trade. By default, this loss is 25% of the of each trade, but you can
change this number according to your strategy.
For example, in this chart, my stop loss
is above the aqua line, which means that the maximum suitable leverage for this trade is 2 or less.

LeV A (Lowest Leverage-WHITE): 1 by default
LeV B (AQUA): 2 by default
LeV C (YELLOW): 3 by default
LeV D (ORANGE): 4 by default
LeV E (Highest Leverage-RED): 5 by default

If your stop loss is in the red hatched area, this trade is basically not possible
based on the amount of damage that can be tolerated for you, and you either have to
increase your loss percentage or you are completely forget this trade.

In the next step you need to look at the lines on the side of your target. If your target is above the same line (with the same color from stop loss side) your risk/reward ratio is higher than acceptable risk/reward you set and you are in good trade setting (by default risk/reward ratio is set to 1:4 )

in this example Risk/Reward=1:4.31

important Note: if the target point is above the line that has the same color with the line which Stop Loss is located above it, your R/R ratio is very good and better than acceptable ratio you set before, But if it is exactly below the line with same color, your ratio may or may not be acceptable, so you have to manually calculate the risk/reward using the tools in Trading View.(long position & short position)
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