BTC 15 min

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This strategy try to catch the uptrend mainly (seems to work on BTC 15 less on others)
the aim is to get 2% in uptrend which is more easy to do then to search only for lowest
since it buy in uptrend it can risky if market change direction
there are two take profit (1% and 2% ) , you take out 50% of equity after the first 1% gain
the stop loss and re buy set 5%
so you exit after 5 % loss and re buy it again at lower price
the aim here is to do leverage trades so you can calculate your risk or lot and the leverage power you want
now set on 100% lot leverage X1
you can try any combination you want but when you do leverage trading you need to do things that the back tester of TV cannot do so well
for example if you put 100X leverage you will be liquidated at 1%
you need that your stop loss will be above the liquidation level
stop loss are shit in margin trades as they can kick you out very fast and you will lose many good trades
so I prefer 5X max 10 X trade (this bot can work by himself but i prefer to do it manually for this kind of trades.
all u need to do is to choose what risk you want to have (3% of lot? 5%, 10% or higher )
so this tool try to give you upward buy strategy that aim to get longs at upward trends (short targets that are more easy to get )
and to use leverage as way to make more profit (now bot set to no leverage )
be wise with your money :)
the bot not suppose to repaint but if you find repaint issue then let me know
buy system is based on cross of linear over modified non repainted HMA that set to 1 min (so it buy the uptrend only+ filter based on ema that try not to start cycle of buy in down traade
sell is not so important is mainly cased on percentage channel seen
trend color on Chanel not related to the buy and sell system
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Hi Rafael, great work!!.. but a little hard to follow you, sir. Do you know why the script didn't work in a similar way in other coins? Also, I don't get the idea behind "crossover(zx,0)".. it seems that triggers a buy at some beginning of days (but not in all cases). Thanks!
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RafaelZioni ernegraf
@ernegraf, it special RSI that try to detect low,and the other one try to buy at uptrend. so combo of both give the buy signal . the reason it not working for other assets is because it work only for very bullish assets . BTC is ideal for this . other crypto assets need different approach
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This looks great. I've been perusing it to see if it's feasible to use it with Zignaly but it doesn't look like that's the case because since it's a strategy it fires an alert for each event and there's no real way to determine if it's a buy or sell alert and adjust the parameters. I've been playing with it to see if I can hardcode the alert message for each instance but haven't had much luck.

Do you have any plans to convert it to a study? I think simply buy and sell alerts with close price would be enough and then you can let the bot handle take profit and stop loss instead of controlling it from within the strategy. In all honesty if this works as well as it looks then I don't think people would have any problem paying for a study version of this.
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hacktek hacktek
@hacktek, replying to myself here. Two things:

1. I was able to use this as a strategy by hardcoding the zignaly alert payload into the entries and exits and then using placeholder {{strategy.order.alert_message}} in the alert. It worked fine for triggering orders, but...
2. The strategy stopped working. I don't know when it stopped working but I'm now getting an "invalid value of the length argument (0) in the wma function. It must be > 0". It might have broken January 1st, I'm not sure.
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hacktek hacktek
@hacktek, #2 actually fixed itself...guess it must have been a TV bug.
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Hello, Mr. Rafael
When is the exit profit menu used?
I don't know how to use it.
As I know every Your indicators are very good.
However, there is very little explanation on how to use it.
You must be busy, but can't you please kindly write how to use it?
Only you know the meaning of each menu, but others don't.
I will wait for your reply
Phản hồi
I am always grateful for your indicators.
What is the difference between "Take profit" and "Exit Profit" menu?
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hi RAfael~
I don t understand why different replay result and strategy result
replay show sell order but after replay sell change buy
so I can see all buy orders
is this repaint?
Phản hồi
@yi2122, this i do not understand either.i run this bot 2 month and seems with no repaint.wby back repaly is different i do not know. Its weird to me
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I want to get a notification when the busy signal comes out.
How do I create a alert indicator?
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