General House Rules

Welcome to TradingView, the world’s most popular network of traders and investors, powered by market-leading charts and real time data. Members of the TradingView community abide by our House Rules. They are designed to encourage respectful behavior and the publication of useful content allowing our members to learn and connect. House Rules also protect our community from abuse.

This document presents the General House Rules applicable to the entirety of TradingView. When you sign up on TradingView, you agree to abide by our House Rules; it is each community member's responsibility to know House Rules before participating in community activities.

Be a great community member. Know and follow House Rules.

Sharing ideas, streams or scripts and exchanging with other members using comments or chats will help you grow, learn, and improve your trading/investing. If you use the TradingView platform to contribute thoughtful content and don’t engage in spam, solicitation, or ways to harm the network, you will be an upstanding community member.

These are TradingView's General House Rules:

  • When publishing content, make sure you write an easy to read title and a thoughtful description so everyone can understand your published work and the reasoning behind it.
  • All content published on TradingView, including all types of publications and updates, comments, public and private chat messages, scripts, open-source code, script release notes, etc., need to be free of advertisements, logos, links or references to any website, social media, messaging or email contacts, company names, giveaways, prize contest or any other kind of announcement or solicitation.
    Exception : Premium subscribers are allowed to include contacts, links and solicitation in their Signature field, which appears under every published idea, script or stream.
  • All content should be in the language of the TradingView site you are on, if you want to publish or chat in another language, please click on the language selector in the top menu and select the desired language.
    Exception : script titles must be in English, and their description must begin with English, followed by other languages.
  • Create and share content that is unique to you. Do not copy or use someone else’s content without asking for permission and crediting them. Be sure you have the legal rights to reuse content.
  • Be respectful, kind, tolerant and constructive, even when you disagree. There is no room for negativity, swearing, trolling, and conflict. We believe in level-headed exchanges.
  • TradingView applies a zero tolerance policy for contentious political discourse, defamatory, threatening or discriminatory remarks, hate speech or personal attacks.
  • Follow our etiquette rules: never share harmful, misleading, unrelated or inappropriate content. Avoid text, emoji or chart walls, ALL CAPS, layering of posts or repeatedly sharing similar content. 
  • Don't openly argue with moderators or criticise moderation in general. Send them a private message if you need more information.
  • Do not create duplicate accounts, fake accounts or spam accounts. Use only one account to avoid suspension.
    Exception: If you need multiple accounts because of your business, please reach out to our team 
  • The reputation system is important to determine the value of an author's contribution to the community. Any form of reputation manipulation, including but not limited to like-for-like and follow-for-follow schemes, indiscriminate liking and commenting, or the use of multiple accounts in order to artificially boost one's reputation is not allowed. 
  • Using community resources and publishing content is not a right; it is a privilege granted to members who respect our values and abide by our community’s rules.
  • To advertise on TradingView, you must reach out to our team by sending an email to 
  • If you are a brokerage, institution or bank using TradingView, a specific type of account is mandatory. Therefore you must reach out to our team by sending an email to 
  • Last but not least, if you see content that clearly violates any of our House Rules, use the reporting function to signal it to the moderators. Do not engage in a discussion and let the moderators take care of it.

Other rules apply to the use of different features on our site. Remember it is your responsibility to understand them BEFORE you use these features.

TradingView reserves the right to take measures deemed necessary against user actions not listed in the house rules to maintain the good function and friendly and professional nature of the platform.

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