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APPLE LONG After the quarterly results

After the quarterly results.

Apple reported yesterday at the end of the day the results for the first quarter of the year, this is the most important period of the year since it is the one with the highest sales, and where the sales of the new product launches are reflected.

The company also presented its investors with a fantastic quarter in terms of revenues, which is the best historical record of the company and amounted to 88,293 million dollars, an increase of 13% compared to the same quarter of 2017.

BPA / Forecast: 3.89 / 3.85

Income / Forecast: 88.29B / 77.25B

Chap. Market: 861.43B

Having all this data as a basis we speculate that the price of its shares NASDAQ: AAPL will rise so we propose two long positions:

First of all, look for approximately 175.0 as the first objective.

Secondly, in case the chart continues to advance, look for approximately 180.0.


We wait for your comments.

Diego Martinez - Traders UY
With all respect, please be so kind to find out why we think your observation is subjective and what substantiate our conclusions >>> goo.gl/ecuxh2
Warm regards from Sydney Australia yours, Seven.
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