Educational Trade Review --- Detailed Explanation ---

All details are on the chart.
You do not need to know how to properly use RSI and MACD to understand the theory here. Everything is explained in detail. Assume that I know what I am talking about and you will find much value and perspective in this analysis. Be open minded to what I am saying; I do study this stuff 30 hours a week. :)

-This one could really go either way, but with this analysis we can setup a game plan to be ready for whatever.
-On one hand this could be setting up for a nice bounce followed by a move higher. On the other hand it could be heading lower. The chart explains what to watch for and beware of.
-Next week is crucial for this stock. Watch it like a hawk. Watch for volume as well. I would strongly suggest you do not place any buy or sell orders on this equity during the first 15 minutes of market open on Monday 9/25/2017. Market Makers are likely to "manipulate" the stock price right at open on Monday to try to "shake out" anyone else that they can(this statement is made with the bias that this equity could bounce and move higher)

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Bình luận: Keep in mind the GOP has been trying to push a health bill through this week which could be the cause of the recent slide in prices. Additionally, note that at one point today (9/22/2017) $AET was down a good bit; later in the day John McCain said he would not vote for the bill(they needed all republicans to agree) and the price recovered on that news.
Bình luận: This bounced perfectly. Review for your own education
How did you determine $150.69 & $144.50 as support levels?
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gumbtg Cartman12
@Cartman12, experience for the most part. Small support levels arise when a stock rallies like that. Lower timeframes can also help determine where those support levels may be on the larger time frames. Do I need to clarify more?
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