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APPC [Binance] - A step back, three steps forward - 800 % come

BINANCE:APPCBTC   AppCoins / Bitcoin
APPC - A step back, three steps forward

APPC is in the final rally of the rally in this rhythm, we see that APPC is poised to downplay its long-term downside price by about 80% (from the current 7500 price to 1700 sts )

We realize this is a great investment opportunity and will start to buy at 2000 sts or less.

Our selling target is 14000 sts with 800% profit target.

However, we will sell part of our account at 6000 sts for trading.

Thank you for your interest and follow up channel

#SeeTheFuture Team
Can you explain how you got this count? Looks like the high point was the 5th wave, and we just now completed an ABC correction.
Could you explain further?
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kitkat16 kitkat16
@kitkat16, I just ask because I've followed this coin closely waiting for an entry and it seems to mimic BTC almost identically since the first upwave sequence. Thanks again.
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