AUDUSD Fib Inversion/Structure based Trend Continuation Trade

FX:AUDUSD   Đô la Úc/Đô la Mỹ
1599 23 22

Fib Inversion Trend Continuation Trade
ABCD Pattern Lining up with
1.414 Fib Extension
1.618 Fib Inversion
0.618 Retracement
Structure support looking left should become resistance

I also did a YouTube video on a recent set up on GBPJPY             which is here https://youtu.be/sly34AkVtoE

Will be looking for a Doji candle at the entry point

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Good Luck!
Bình luận: So price action pushed up to our 1618 and just so happened to put in a Doji Candle which we were waiting for.
Hello Jason,

Nice trading opportunity on daily we are in bearish trend and entering on 4h (lower time frame) counter method.
Can you share what method did you use for finding the stop loss level?
Phản hồi
Hey! Thanks. If you go to my you tube channel I explain the exact set up on the GBPJPY go here https://youtu.be/sly34AkVtoE
Phản hồi
SanderVR1 J_Graystone
Hello Jason,

Nice video.

If you go 1 time frame lower looking for DT, your targets and stop will remain the same as on trading time frame or you will based only your stop on lower time frame and targets on trading time frame?
Akil thought me to stick stops on the time frame - if i go for lower time frame then stops will be based on lower time frame.

Thanks in advance for your reply.
Once again awesome video and setup :)
Phản hồi
Nice setup J-Gray. I've had my eyes on this one as well with almost the exact same analysis. I am loving that Fib Inversion trade Jason has brought to light. When coupled with Structure, Fib Confluence RSI Overbought/Oversold, and other CTS scoring, It's a KNOCKOUT DEAL! I went SHORT at 71.31. Good Luck to us both. Great to see you killing it, Keep up the great work!!
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Great analysis Jason!! Just by following a few of your videos, trades like this are making perfect sense to me now. I've jumped into the live room twice this week before going to work and it looks extremely promising!! Definitely plan to join soon! Keep up the good work! Hopefully I can join you and make this a full time passion! Reading The Disciplined Trader at the moment, game changing book!
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200 ma also there on 4hr... good luck to us
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Hopefully we'll have a nice bearish follow through candle to see the shooting star formation completed with confidence.
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Yes. And further down is a Cypher D-completion lurking. :)
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J_Graystone PRO Kjetil_Johannesen
Yep! Nice
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Good one, Jason. I had the exact same killzone due to fib confluence, and also entered on the doji.
Didn't notice or think of the fib inversion until you posted it though. Note to self. Still learning. :)
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