BINANCE:BATBTC   Basic Attention Token / Bitcoin
Holy Houdinis - that man Bat Man has disappeared...into the range inside the blue bands, the whole range, which includes the depths of the Bat cave beneath - The candles are already subterranean of the 1x1 fib ray in red, and consequently beneath ascending support - in other words Robin and Bat Girl just aren't coming to help this time - However they do currently have the horizontal support of the Gann Bottom of Square - Observe the previous large impulse to get an idea of what is likely to happen with this one - A reversal would require getting in the Bat plane and smashing thru the 1x1 - I like Bat, but I'm not buying it here
Bình luận: I thought that that man Bat man would go to the bottom of Bat cave and so he did - This is possibly a buy here, normally i would say it definitely was, but the market is fragile and i've seen many coins break support, take care entering any trades
Bình luận: Good price action from Bat - The ceiling will likely be the horizontal band
Bình luận: Bat getting ready for the next move
Bình luận: Bat is back on ascending support of the 2x1 Gann fib ray
Nailed it!
Phản hồi
Both drops were directly associated with BTC drops. There's no trend here.
Phản hồi
@atkelley22, And in those case we can see Bat was losing value against the dollar much faster than btc did, Bat is not independent of the market, there is a difference between 'Btc' and the 'Global Market Cap'? If you're holding Bat from here i wish you luck recovering your funds
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