BTC Bullish Cup and Handle

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So we have an inverse Head and Shoulders and a cup and handle on BTC             . If it breaks out of of current high, then we can see potential profits $9600 for the cup and handle followed by the 11600 for the H&S . This idea will cancel if it does not break the $8700 (and holds) resistance level . Good luck everyone. Hope this is the end of the current correction for the entire market. Lots of alts such as LTC and ETC have broken out.

**NOTE** I am not an experienced trader. I am an investor learning TA. So please, take it easy on me.

**DO NOT use my published ideas for making decisions. Recommendations are welcomed.
Giao dịch bắt đầu: First target almost reached. Good luck.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: First target reached. Congrats!
Will look forward to second target of $11500 if current trend continues.
Just for my info (as I'm trying to learn), how did you come up to these objectives (9600 and 11600)?
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fernx PRO rodrigomonte
@rodrigomonte, by definition, and granted these are approximations and guides not predictions, take a straight line from the head of the head and shoulders to the neckline. Then use this same line and place it above the neckline. This should give you a rough estimate of the target. Same for the cup and handle. Remember, these are targets. Not predictions. Hope it helps.
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@fernx, Thanks for your help!
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Anyone considering what all the Lunar New Year money will do to Crypto on Thursday? Think of all the asian Crypto heads who will be flush with cash from all their red envelopes.
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fernx PRO joshua.l.hendrickson
@joshua.l.hendrickson, I agree. I am curious to see what will they do with all that yuan...lol
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