BITCOIN trading strategy at the end of 2018 - beginning of 2019

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Bitcoin trading strategy at the end of 2018 - beginning of 2019


As you can see in our previous forecasts, we forecast Bitcoin's buyback area at around $ 5100, based on the new BTC trend we are updating. Long-term trend and trading strategy with Bitcoin in the last months of 2018

First of all, let's revisit the three major Bitcoin calibrations that we have marked in turn. Bitcoin has corrected one of the most complex waves in its long-term calibration cycle on D - Wave D3

At this cycle, Bitcoin corrects single Zigzag waves, for 50 consecutive days Bitcoin loses 70% of the value

At this cycle, Bitcoin corrects Flat wave variation, which makes it difficult to determine the target of the Bit and is difficult for key members of Team Trade + analysis. This cycle lasts 87 days

With the longest period of complex correction since the peak of 20000 to today, this cycle has been causing frustration for any trader, as both the risk and opportunity index almost equal. Trading time decreases with fluctuating amplitude reaching the bottom.

We consider these are the final correction rhythms in the medium term trend, we see that Bitcoin has nearly 3 small spins in this area to complete the downtrend to start a medium term uptrend. new. Technically, through Fibonacci, we have identified 57xx as one of the hardest support levels. As we anticipate in this area, Bitcoin will go down the Decesding Contracting Triangle, making the second bottom and along with its peak and entering the uptrend. We are fairly sure that this trend will take place, but we need confirmation of the market bottom at in the coming days.

We anticipate these rhythms will last until around October-November 2018, followed by a cyclical increase of about 2 months (Phrase ) before Bitcoin returns. The last deep decline in his long term (Phrase ). We wait for the next wave of Bitcoin in the coming days.

One of the things to note about this time is the Altcoin market. In our opinion, Altcoin has only a few minor drops before entering Uptrend, even Uptrend ahead of Bitcoin . The recent increase in Altcoin prices is a testament to this. Still, Bitcoin and Altcoin continue to decline so we have better prices than before ATH.

We would like to recommend the following trading orders:

EP: $ 5800
TP: $ 11111
TG: $ 12854.8
SL: Under EP

Note: This article is a major analysis of the trend, but real prices we will update at short-term analysis news in the H4 area or below, please follow us.

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