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#BTC #BITCOIN Bull Run Begins in 24-48 hours, Target $12k

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
If you've been following me the last couple weeks, you'll see what I'm saying about coming off the top of this 1D Ichimoku Cloud to begin a rally that will likely propel us to $12,000. I expect at that point we will be ready for additional rallies from FOMO after breaking the $10k barrier. But, it may also be a time of short consolidation while we recharge. We are unlikely to fall below that 1D Ichimoku cloud now that we're skimming over the top edge of it and this will lead us into a few great months of gains and growth in all cryptocurrencies.

Also, looking at my RSI charts, I'm seeing that we are beginning this rally a little bit earlier than we did last year and will likely end the long term rallies a bit earlier than we did last year, entering into an early consolidation for Nov-Apr timeframe. This consolidation period may drop off in October, so I'd urge some caution at buying as we approach that time. Buy more now, less later and be ready to buy small positions if you feel we're continuing on for a normal November target.
Bình luận: A little push back is a good thing, some re-fueling for the launch!

Bình luận: We are exactly where we are supposed to be. Time to buy. I'm already in heavy. Seriously considering putting my rent in Bitcoin for a week. Probably not a smart idea, but.. Hmm.. LOL
i cant see the price line in your chart ..lol ..
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Agreed with everything in your charts.
Dude :) That is FAT chart for a Tin.Foil
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10k barrier + 500b marketcap = confident bulls, cya bears
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way to much information on your chart, but i do agree!!
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