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#BTC #BITCOIN to break above the Ichimoku 4H resistance cloud!

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Lots of notes, see chart. Likely moving on up after breaking $7000.
Next target $9200 to be clear of the 1D Ichimoku Resistance cloud.
1D Ichimoku Resistance turns to Support at that point.
Next target for the bull run $12,000.

Important date 4-20, possible breakout over $9k for $12k target. We go higher!
Bình luận: 4H view..
Bình luận: 4H Ichimoku TS/KS crossing now. 4-8 hours, we should be very close to the $7000 target and above the 4H resistance cloud (will soon be a support cloud).

Bình luận: Was I accurate? A closer look on the 1D scale:
Bình luận: I called that one, almost to a T, almost to the hour!

Bình luận: Here is the 1H scale.. how did I do? :-)

Bình luận: See my APR 9th target (again, right on), here:
Bình luận: And my Mar 30th prediction of the beginning of this rally.

Next high, 4-20! Mark your calendars for $12k
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@MFINITI, Hahaha!
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Nice call. I had 7.95k planned, going for the 8.25k now, then liquidating bears in the trap on retrace before test at 9.4k -> 11.15k and probably higher.

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Tin.Foil CryptoSwindle
@CryptoSwindle, I think you are very close to my current target. See my latest BTC update. I'd like to see how close you came on this one, looks like you're right in line with my thinking, we'll drop to $7800 before we rally to $10k in the next 7 days, most likely to break through the 1D ichimoku resistance area within the next 3 days.
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@Tin.Foil, I agree, 7.8k would be a good target to reload. Tomorrow is futures expiration date, we should be good to go before June to go to 13k.

Wave 3 higher degree pricetag should have been the 138.2% (8.479k), but didn't bother to make a newer one which has been hit recently (not show in chart), whilst
wave 3 lesser degree hit perfectly on the dollar (see chart green check icons).

Maybe this sounds crazy, but I think we go to 14k and with overextension close to 16k before going down and if 17k break bear market is over.
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You called it! Love your ideas and charts.
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Keep the updates coming brotha .. love it !
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I have to disagree again Tin, sorry to be a downer on your long position. I posted this earlier before the td 9 came in on the 3hr and doubled down on my short, looks like its going to play out. The 9's on the 3 hour have been rather helpful over the last month or so:
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Boss_Coyote AussieCrypto1
@AussieCrypto1, you wrong he's right
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AussieCrypto1 Boss_Coyote
@Boss_Coyote, How was I wrong numb nuts? it's a 3 hour chart and I called for a 1 to 4 candle correction down on the 9. My call was right, longer term tin was right too. Read my chart comments, i clearly say i'll be watching the symmetrical triangle and that it could go either way with a target of 1500 up or down. Again... How was I wrong?
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