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How to Make Money in Crypto Markets

If you read this post, it means that probably you are interesting in making money in the crypto markets. You want to trade cryptocurriences and multiply your investments. But do you really think that it's easy? The cryptomarkets open for everyone great opportunities, but you must have some skill for conversion these opportunities into real money. If you think that everyone can make stable profit just buying coins and holding them for long term, I should tell you that you are wrong. You can face with troubles which can beat you and your deposit. And what should you do for avoiding such cases? The answer is very simple - you must know how to trade and manage your money properly. You must have knowledge, trading strategies and an accurate trading plan for making money in long term. You must have discipline for following your trading plan day by day. Only in such way you can expect safe and profitable trading. But I see a great number of novice traders who know nothing about proper trading. They make all possible mistakes. Buying on tops and selling on bottoms it can give you some fun and a lot of emotions. But if you want to make money you must trade in other way. I advice all novice traders think about their trading. Ask yourself, are you ready for real trading? Do you have everything for proper trading or not? Do you have understanding how the markets move? Do you know when you have to buy and when to sell? Do you know how to manage your money properly? If you don't have answers for these questions, you should stop your trading on real money. You have to start learning the theory and start working under your trading plan. You must note that without these components of successful trading you can't make stable money in long term. I advice you to start trading in the crypto markets in right way from the very beginning. While you learning and searching for suitable strategies, you can use trading bots or trading signals as a variant of trading. It will allow you trade in the crypto markets safely and gain experience. I wish you good luck!
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Thank you for the great advice, I am a novice trader in crypto and I am still working on developing my trading plan.
I am overwhelmed by the amount of data out there and I am not able to find any books or articles about crypto trading (entry, exit strategies, money management, risk management..)
Would you recommend starting with books about traditional markets and try to apply that to crypto? Is studying Forex the closest way to learn about crypto?

Thanks again for all your help and advice

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Awesome DLavrov thank you for a these great tips, what trading bots? can I use some of your charts to trade with (one clicking) ?

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Hi, Just want to say thank you for the honesty and realness in this post. I am knew to trading and I have heard too much people loosing all the money in their portfolio, I will definitely loose money but I will implement my risk management rule on every trade.
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DLavrov TOP dvd232323
@dvd232323, Money management is very important in trading! Don't forget about it!
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dvd232323 DLavrov
@DLavrov, thank you and I intend to do so............I want to do this until I die, its like a new passion I discover.
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I like all you said but it doesn't help. What do you mean proper trading. What do you recommend to avoid the mistakes. That would be helpful.
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DLavrov TOP hamidious
@hamidious, You have to start learning - the main theory it's the basis for your future work in the financial markets. After that you have to pick a trading strategy which you will follow day by day. You will have to think about money management and your trading plan.
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dvd232323 hamidious
@hamidious, Hello, You cant avoid mistake because even the professional does. However, You have to follow proper risk management on every trade at the beginning to make sure you stay in the run and dont wipe out your portfolio.

I hope that help.....Cheer
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Hey DLavrov,
Are you really trading with the whaleclub or are you using any other crypto broker? I have to say I haven't come across one that satisfies me
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