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Wyckoff Accumulation spotted in CPC!

I think this bottom resembles a typical Wyckoff distribution. We should spring from the new accumulation range.

PS = Preliminary Support

SC= Selling Climax

AR= Automatic Rally

ST = Second Test

I believe the lack of volatility we've seen over the past week is caused by large buyers accumulating their positions for the next pump.

We should be in Phase D or the price increase part of the cycle:)

Bình luận: Well that's our first break from the accumulation!!!! Should be new highs in the next week
Bình luận: We've pulled back to a bottom. Big buyers started at the dashed line. I believe this will be defended.
what do you try to say with defended ?
Phản hồi
@javpadter, A level at which a large buyer purchases coins. They shouldn't let price get below these levels or they lose money.
Phản hồi
javpadter WhaleWatchersTrading
@WhaleWatchersTrading, thanks !!!
Phản hồi
Wyckoff, I see you baby, shaking that arse!
Phản hồi
I have to learn more about Wyckoff distribution !

Just a quick question ! Phase D means that price will decrease gradually ?

Thanks for your nice job ;)
Phản hồi
@Engzyyy, phase C is the price increases but has resistance. Phase D is when price breaks out of the zones and makes new highs. Phase D=Markup
Phản hồi
good call

+2 Phản hồi
@gamekita97, Thank you! Very nice!
Phản hồi
Thank you. Any particular resource you would recommend for someone trying to learn to identify whale patterns?
+1 Phản hồi
@RicRod, Search for ProwdClown on trading view he does great stuff on Wyckoff. Also try looking at volume it's tells the story. Also search for "God Wolong PDF" the first parts talk about the pump process.
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