The US Dollar Index is still under pressure from the market. The higher inflation figures announced or the dismissal of Rex Tillerson advisers have resulted in a suspicion of President Trump's policy or the prospect of trade wars due to tax increases or policies to protect the United States's benefits. As a result, the market price of this index still under pressure.

However, when viewing the daily chart , the chart shows pullback. It is possible that there will be a price reversal in the coming weeks.

If the price can close above the resistance level at 90.89, it is likely to be uptrend and can reach resistance at 92.51 and 94.00.

If the price closes below the support level at 88.20, there is a chance that the price will continue in downtrend.
so the break below 88.50 - 88.25 looks more likely do you think?
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gremic gremic
@gremic, i think that would be in keeping with the downwards T line on the daily. US interest rates are a concern, rate hikes would strengthen the USD. But the trade wars you mention i think have more sway currently. well done
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