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#EOS looks like a good buy and HODL

Up +60% the last 2 days and +1000% within the last 77 days. This one looks like a great one to buy and hold to diversify your portfolio and have some stability while we wait for Bitcoin             and others to bounce back to normal.
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@Tin.Foil i like u man but ones you share a chart /u dont update for long time/like xvg that i fallow u for it
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@ppp111, I think I updated XVG again recently. Maybe I'll update it tomorrow. Keep an eye on EOS and XLM. Ripple will come back as well.
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Two thumbs up. but do expect a sell off at 9:30 GMT. Buy the rumor, sell the news.

Please check EOS Twitter for details.
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Tin.Foil doctorkesh
@doctorkesh, I agree with buy the rumor, sell the news.. but only if it's big news. Looks like we already passed the news and still no slow down.. So I'm holding. Thanks for the heads up though!
Phản hồi
doctorkesh Tin.Foil
@Tin.Foil, 'Buy the rumor, sell the news' always works in cryptos. it is an easy way to increase your investment money initially, and later your coins.
Phản hồi
doctorkesh doctorkesh
@doctorkesh, $12.5 EOS incoming...
+1 Phản hồi
ilezwos doctorkesh
@doctorkesh, $16.25 now, next is $22
Phản hồi
doctorkesh ilezwos
@ilezwos, :)

$12.88 already at Bitfinex.

I am going to observe BTC for now. All altcoin trades depend on BTC movement at this time.

And no, BTC will probably not go anywhere near 50k by 20th February 2018 in my view. Unless Trump endorses it and ETF approval is announced before then, it just ain't happening.
Phản hồi
Tin.Foil doctorkesh
@doctorkesh, Ha.. wait for it! It's gonna happen. :D BTC I mean. EOS is already happening.
Phản hồi
doctorkesh Tin.Foil
@Tin.Foil, Seriously??????? BTC went from 14.5k to 9.2k AFTER you said it is going to 53k. EOS went to $7.5.

Wait for Monday.
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