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EOS HAS Short opt.

EOS had a nice bull run, now its time for corretion. And pleas do some real research on EOS, and you will find all kinds of shady things going on... So wouldnt even do a long term investment in this, since they dont promise you anything for 1 billion dollars ? How on why is beyond me but they did it, and now investors will have to pay the price! Just like the bitconnectors
Well, you guys might be right. Or not, who the fucks know's ... Either way it entered a head and shoulders pattern, do what wanna do whit that info! dosent matter if think its FUD or not, only time can tell what will happen. And yeah bad source of info there, kinda lazy today so... yeah
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carlosmcolon1 Blockbuster
@Blockbuster, your really going to get a slap in the face from your own research. Research both sides not just the negative side. Trust, venture capitalist dont invest millions if it were a scam. Just do research... EOS is a solid buy.
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Blockbuster carlosmcolon1
@carlosmcolon1, Nothing can justify this price whitout a fucking working product wich nobody is using atm.... its pure fucking speculation ! You have to be mental ill or retarded to think this is a solid buy when its in reality not worth a fucking dim
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carlosmcolon1 Blockbuster
@Blockbuster, Lol yah your definitely in for a rough awakening.
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Blockbuster carlosmcolon1
@carlosmcolon1, Seems like it wasent so soild after all... :P
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no short
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Blockbuster TraderGod-
@TraderGod-, Well well seems like you should have listened to me after all :P
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carlosmcolon1 Blockbuster
@Blockbuster, Good call! Hey you were right! I have nothing to say and give credit where its due.
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Blockbuster carlosmcolon1
@carlosmcolon1, If you have some questions on something, feel free to ask :) Not saying I am a guru trader or anything tho, take everything everyone is saying with a grain of salt ;) Is the average logical opinion that matters, I like to think :)
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carlosmcolon1 Blockbuster
@Blockbuster, i followed you and ima send a message.
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