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Multithreaded Implementation new shared memory database implementation parallel transaction scheduler with multithreaded execution interchain communication multithreaded encrypted networking thread-safe wasm interface

A).I guess that EOS team is planning on doing a Testnet release DAWN 3.0 for JAN 31 (Multithread)...

B).If Dawn 2.0 (single thread)does a lot , Dawn 3.0 will be much better, exponentially better.

C). It is important to TEST before the official release... I am very happy that they are testing before final release in June.

D). My expectations for EOS price target have been pretty much met (4-7).. If EOS pushes to 5.. the next target is a NEW all time HIGH (5.5).

E). I feel like a lot of the people are jumping on EOS because they see the potential long term... I don't see the price tanking... this will be a slow and steady rise.

F) I heard from a youtuber that the Dawn 2.0 testnet will come with some Dapp projects, lets see if thats true..

G) We are also waiting for the TESTnet results, lets see how many transactions per second it can pull, (single-threaded). If it can pull over 1000 per second, that would be very nice... We have to remember that the Official Network will have 21 Computer centers doing crazy amounts of computer power, pushing blocks really fast. If all 21 computer centers can push millions of blocks per second... it would blow every competitor away.. The awesome thing is that those computer centers can be made bigger... each one.. so there is no limit... I am sure they can even change the code so that instead of 21 computer centers they can have 100 around the world... what ever is necessary to scale up.

FOR this and that... I am very optimistic that the team does mean business... Eventually we will know... but it would be smart to buy some ICO coins directly from the site, or at least get a couple thousand worth from the exchange.

Dawn 2.0 Single thread TESTNETWORK = 1000 transactions per second?
Dawn 3.0 Multi-thread TESTNETWORK = Tens Thousands of transactions per second?
OFFICIAL NETWORK? 21 Multi-thread NETWORK? = Millions per second?
I did hear however that they will just make the network faster as needed... The key thing to note is that it is scalable

Comment... and like, spread the news..
Bình luận: Bithumb to add EOS soon, Maybe the 18th I think.
thank you for your chart, stumble across your chart, and thought the ideas and the possibilities seemed endless. I had to throw my hat in the race. Looking for any updates, I feel natural pullback but soon to go up again and break 5. Any additional comments would be appreciated. all the best
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