ETC Hard Fork & Air Drop coming (medium)

BITTREX:ETCUSDT   Ethereum Classic / Tether
ETC will have a hard fork & air drop at block 5500000 (around 5th March). People will receive Callisto 1:1.

All the info you can find here:

ETC bullrun is in the air for some weeks now, also mining profitability increases and with this airdrop price will be going up in my opinion. For long or med trades like that I don`t set targets as it`s pointless in my opinion.
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if i am holding ETC on myetherwalled, will I receive the CLO automatically?
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jeffreyPL1 PRO noahcomertpay
@noahcomertpay, my guess is yes but official info about eligibility is usually posted closer to the date :) I`ll update this idea when it`ll be known.
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@jeffreyPL1, thank you
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thank you beautiful lady for share ur idea :)
do u think the drop coming exactly after Hard Fork ?
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jeffreyPL1 PRO Adelbouziane
@Adelbouziane, unfortunately I`m a man with a lady in my avatar ;) I need to change it as it happens too often lol

"We will make a snapshot of ETC blockchain at block 5500000 (approximately 5 March, 2018. This depends on ETC block time and ETC hashrate changes). Then we implement the initial balance of each ETC holder in the Callisto network genesis block, so each ETC owner will receive CLO coins automatically in a 1:1 ratio to the amount of ETC that he had at block 5500000."
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Adelbouziane jeffreyPL1
@jeffreyPL1, haha :D im sorry bro :D
i eardy start hold ETC two days i go :)i guess im luky this time :)
thank you for ur answer bro :)
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tradewise9 Adelbouziane
@Adelbouziane, do we get the CLO coins If we hold ETC on exchanges?
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Adelbouziane tradewise9
@tradewise9, for now i hold it on on exchange and its depane on the exchange u have it if it will support the CLO or not
please if u find anyting share it here bro :)
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tradewise9 Adelbouziane
@Adelbouziane, Thank you!
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jeffreyPL1 PRO tradewise9
@tradewise9, it`ll be known what exchanges support this fork closer to the date but pretty sure that biggest exchanges will do. I`ll update this idea later when it`ll be known.
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