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Hello everyone!

After my ETH/BTC chart I thought a USD version would be a good follow up so here it is.
Its basically the same as the ETH/BTC chart trend wise, down.
the difference here being is that ETH is hitting hard supports compared to the ETH/BTC chart.

Is this a indication for a reversal on the BTC chart or is it just the optimism getting corrected after the enormous USD run up of the crypto market?
interesting case that depends on the trader and very speculative, I am trying to keep that in check so for that reason I won't dive in to the it.

The trend is down and it doesn't seem to reverse any time soon, I indicated a area on the chart where I will be watching for a reversal but in my opinion we aren't there yet until we see CLEAR signs of bullish movements.
I am a trend follower above all so you won't see me posting reversal patterns until the reversal has given strong signs of continuation most of the time.

As always,
Happy Hunting!

Bình luận:
Bình luận: lovely bounce upwards from the support, watch the trend line!
Bình luận: trend line interaction, keep an eye out.
Bình luận: Looking good with the trend broken, what does that say about BTC?
Will do an ETH chart today!

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Why would you do a ETH/BTC chart, anyway? No one cares about how much things cost in Satoshi. We all want to know how it's performing against the DOLLAR!
Phản hồi
FinanceFox VanBenno
@VanBenno, Dollar value depends on the BTC value
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