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ETHUSD Ichimoku+LinReg Bear Signals

KRAKEN:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Đô la Mỹ
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So after a couple of days instead of there being a second reversal, I agree on the proposal that the price will go to number sub-200. My main argument comes from the linear regression pattern, but other users have come to the same conclusion with other methods.
Bình luận: I am displaying the chart with log scale, so the regression upper and lower bounds are distorted.
Bình luận: Depending on how willing you are to assume price manipulation, I think 300 USD is being forced. Let's see where it goes from here.
Bình luận: Interpreting this is difficult. I don't know if the price wants to go down, but whales stop the drop.
Bình luận: Maybe it is going to drop this time for good?
Bình luận: The bull trap/leg ups are getting shorter and relatively smaller.
Bình luận: The gates might have been opened. Down to 279 USD and 265 USD is the next stop.
Bình luận: Current resistance is around 272 USD.
Bình luận: The 5 minute candles had gone on a bull mission, but the charts are reseting towards all scales in bear mode. Expecting a big move in the next hours.
Bình luận: The 272 USD level might be over now. Going down.
Bình luận: Bears are really pushing down on 260 USD. After 260 USD… things could get interesting.
Bình luận: Got to 259 USD, which makes me think that the psychological support for this level is also broken.
Bình luận: While we wait for the next drop, I'd like to share what I'm learning about wave theory. (Not the Physics Wave Theory.) Here is a cap of what I think is an N wave.
Bình luận: Considering the neighboring scales and the price squeeze going on, I think the next move is coming soon. Maybe 1 or 2 hours. My guess is that it will break down.
Bình luận: The move was up, surprisingly. Back to 260 USD oscillations.
Bình luận: Closed to take profit. It might rally a bit up, so I'll reopen later on. The macro trend still looks bear to me.
Bình luận: This could be the end of the run, or near it.
Bình luận: From here the downtrend could resume. Among the reasons is the American holiday.
Bình luận: So the update is that I'm still short. I took profit like 2 times already, but this will keep on going down. Right now it loves 262 USD. I think that once it goes below 250 USD, things will get really interesting.

Extra note: Looks like a descending triangle.
Bình luận: This is about to pop. It's closing in on the break, so unless it decides to flatline until eternity, movement will come. Big movement.
Bình luận: Took profit at 244 USD and waiting for a bounce or a new leg down to reopen.
Bình luận: As you have noticed, some weird shenanigans are going on. I closed at 240 USD against that wall. I'm waiting to see what the wall owners decide to do, or those who bought against the wall.
Bình luận: Not much to update. Still crawling to that sub-200 target.
Bình luận: Hit 220.50 USD on Kraken. Experience tells me it will bounce from here, but as I tell people, a trend is a trend until it isn't.
Bình luận: Happy sub-200.
Bình luận: So it didn't hold sub-200. (Whales feasted.) I wouldn't short right now. I'll wait for the direction to set in. My guess is we could see a bounce to 230's, maybe 250's.
Bình luận: So the previous comment said 230 USD could happen. I'm beginning to think that 230 USD would be more like a spike than a rally to it. The price around 200 USD is moving a lot like 300 USD on Jun 30. (Check the comments!) We might see some of this dance again.
Bình luận: After hours of oscillation, this might make a leg down to 170 USD and make a double bottom. If it does, the sentiment is a bounce to 250 USD. Otherwise, we might shoot down to 150 USD. Either way, this trade fulfilled its purpose!
Bình luận: The jump to 230 USD was successful and now I think the bear trend will resume. I'm still not sure of how low it can go, but considering how weak the rise felt, 140 USD wouldn't surprise me.
Bình luận: By the way, 140 USD is not short term. More like the next thing coming.
Bình luận: Deflated to sub-200 USD now. Might be looking to test the 180 USD walls that are spread throughout many exchanges. My bet is that it will break 180 USD.
Bình luận: Bitcoin making a rising wedge just right above the support. Brace yourselves.
Bình luận: Manipulation fixing the prices at 191 and 2200. I have no idea of what to expect.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: Reached 140 USD.

This was the last update.
Bình luận: It turns out I cant delete posts, so I'll just spam a donation address. Send me your ETH here 0xF7Dc813B5c746F777DD29c94b7558ADE7577064e.
any guess which direction is it going to move?
Phản hồi
Do you think independence day will have an impact on price?
Phản hồi
hirounsung CaseyTroy
@CaseyTroy, I'm guessing that if American banks close for the holiday, it will have an impact. I'm not sure in which direction.
+1 Phản hồi
@hirounsung, could you help me understand your $160 target price?
Phản hồi
hirounsung silmaril0875
@silmaril0875, it's not a specific target. This stuff is too hard to predict for a small krill like me. I think it can fall in that spectrum, so I suggest that as a target. It might recover earlier. Maybe lower.
Phản hồi
@hirounsung, great work here. Well done!!
Phản hồi
is this going to stop at 260ish or keep downing?
Phản hồi
hirounsung tceternal
@tceternal, it will bounce many times along the road. The overall trend still looks to be set for that low point.
Phản hồi
tceternal hirounsung
@hirounsung, so you still think sub 200 is very possible, thanks man! great TA
Phản hồi
hirounsung tceternal
@tceternal, yes, but it's not a one-day-thing. It will probably drop over the course of 1 week.
+1 Phản hồi
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