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ETHEREUM Fundamental Analysis: Let's Write a Smart Contract ;)

KRAKEN:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Đô la Mỹ
Remix IDE:
ERC20 standard on github

This guy has good tutorials:

First 5 mins is me going through the smart contract, after that is example usage and talk about state of Ethereum , how I see it.
Bình luận: This is some Hedera hashgraph promo stuff. Think this is going to be interesting:
Bình luận: This is more in depth and covers consensus in Hedera
Bình luận: First ASIC miner for ethereum "sold out" E3 Ethash 180 Mhash, 800 W ASIC miner, Bitmain now taking orders
I think this is the best fundamental analysis I've heard. I don't buy into the hype that blockchain will replace EVERYTHING, but it most certainly will replace some things. For instance, it is already replacing venture capital and other traditional earlystage fund raising. It will change supply chain and digital property rights/escrow, but things like Uber/facebook/twitter? No I don't think so.

But still, even if ethereum finds a few use cases that actively use gas on the network, the price of Ether will be worth something. How much? No fcking clue.
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@sethg12, Yes, I think Ethereum is probably a really good platform for enterprise services or B2B. I can imagine companies like PowerLedger using it and them being at least viable businesses that have a chance at taking on centralised models, but I think for end users Ethereum is probably not the best platform. The only thing it really offers is that content cannot be easily controlled by government etc so it has that. But otherwise I don't think end user dApps can compete with centralised services unless you know we reach the stage where we all have an Ethereum wallet full of Ether and transaction costs are really cheap, then maybe.

As far as Hedera, I don't know yet. It's a private not a public ledger, so I don't imagine it will be popular among crypto people.
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qdoc BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, the ether is the akasha jahhny
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That's very interesting! Thanks for sharing
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@w0rse, You're welcome!
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unfortunately doesnt scale. someone will beat them to the punch.
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whoisthelorax whoisthelorax
great video BTW
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BarclayJames whoisthelorax
@whoisthelorax, Thank you, I also think that not just Ethereum but eventually blockchain as a whole will start coming under increasing competition pressure: think VHS and Betamax, Apple and Microsoft, Coke and Pepsi.
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tenzor7 whoisthelorax
@whoisthelorax, like who? I really want to know
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@tenzor7, Ethereum is scaling already. Payment channels are live; State channels, Plasma, and sharding are coming.
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