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Ethereum short term crash to $235

BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Đô la Mỹ
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Stars are lining up kind of. We got intersecting Fibonacci circle sets combined with intersecting tend channel and fractal attraction point with good support in one single spot.
It's probably just a sudden drop and then it goes up again.
Long term looks great.
Bình luận: This one is not obvious to the eye at all. I almost missed it. Something chocking is about to happen maybe. Some major negative news that end up not being so negative after all (when it goes up again).
Bình luận: Remember that this could be wrong also - my TA is highly experimental, and I'm a rookie.
Bình luận: 11 hours until the critical bearish point is crossed.
The trend still looks bullish so I would be shocked if it actually crashes.
So in 11 hours this idea is probably invalid.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: But notice how a triangle pattern has been shaped since I created the original idea (9:th of November). With my OccultMagnetism™ pattern analysis I don't see any reason for it to break out upwards. But it's still not showing any visual signs that it got this huge sinking hole beneath itself that could create a crash any moment.

Very mysterious indeed!
Bình luận: Forgive me about being so persistent on EOS, a serious competitor of Ethereum. It simply scales better - and that's basically what a decentralized OS is supposed to do.

What actually could happen is that EOS multiply in price within these 11 hours. This would put it above Ethereum Classic in market cap - and would give mainstream attention to EOS. In hand this would FUD the Ethereum community and the price collapses...

Soon we'll see.

Notice in the EOS chart that it got the same kind of triangle pattern as Ethereum - almost as is they're linked together somehow... :)
Bình luận: 9 hours and 30 min until the sink hole is crossed.

Bình luận: Lol funny this idea got 1 upvote.
You guys don't like this idea... :)
Bình luận: 6 hours until sink hole...

Bình luận: FUD, or money turns to MUD
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Maybe I'm becoming grumpy and old, but I'm still not convinced this triangle pattern will end with a bullish move. Don't get fooled by the AI bot traders fooling the herd.

Bình luận: EOS just started exploding...

When EOS goes high enough (and it will) FUD will intoxicate the Ethereum community. I will buy Ethereum cheaper prices.
Bình luận: Do you feel lucky?
Well, do ya, punk? / Dirty Harry

Ethereum is confidently touching the outer ring of the Fib. circle set. Now it can finally prove me wrong and make me look silly - since it right now by the looks of it, is totally clear that Ethereum is going to skyrocket up any moment. Well... I'm still saying that it's going down like a grumpy old man.

Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: My analysis isn't working here it seems. Or maybe I'm being biased. You're on you own on this one... I'm closing this one down.
Đã hủy lệnh: Should be canceled.
Bình luận: I think the problem is that I don't understand yet how compounded Fibonacci sets affects the price. It's like weak and strong forces in particle physics, they got completely different formulas. Understanding this will take time. And I will fail over and over again. My guess is that a computer program could distinguish the strength of each attraction, depending on the amount of fractal attraction points, the size of the Fibonacci, and some kind of regression analysis giving some kind of variance of how well the price movement has fitted to each Fibonacci circle set so far. Something like that...
Your TA makes no sense to me. These are just randomly placed and sized fib circles without relation to the trend at all, are they not? Also, the time frame is too limited to see what is happening. How can you say it's going to crash when there is a massive pennant on the Daily with MACD showing bull div, just crossed the kumo... Chaikin, Williams, RSI, etc. indicators and patterns signaling bull... months of consolidation...

I really want to know how you arrive at this? Am I missing something? What could possibly signal this to fall out of the sky so hard?
Phản hồi
@evandja, Mostly it's a pattern I happen to see. I've not managed to produce any solid theory behind this TA (which I'm not proud of). But I've made a website about it where I try to explain the approach. http://www.occultmagnetism.com
I crunched it down to a few rule of thumbs at the last text section.
Phản hồi
evandja LogicalDeduction

Ok, thanks. I'll check it out. It's always possible it will break down, of course (especially if big bad news comes from China by the end of the year), but the Daily chart has so many strong bullish indicators.

If there is some secret that can predict an event when most indicators point to the opposite, I'd love to know! :)
Phản hồi
@evandja, At the same time it makes me happy that it makes not sense to a large group of people. Because that makes it a valuable skill if actually works. I'm still trying to learn this you know, these patterns that most people don't see.
Phản hồi
I love your graphics, it may go up or down I think the important thing is to know when to change strategy. If we knew what would happen then we would be rich and we would be in Puntacana taking the sun and not here hehe. 1 greeting
Phản hồi
letruongbx6 LogicalDeduction
I think so .
Phản hồi
Listen to this song while it falls, so beautiful...

LANZETTA - Trio for Strings in A-flat major. Andante
Phản hồi
The timing is pretty good for us owning EOS. I'll probably sell my EOS this weekend if it skyrockets, so if I sell I could move some of that money into ETH because it seems to bottom out around the 13 th. Okay obviously such perfect timing is impossible, but why not dream a bit about it.. :)
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