Bullish movement continuing for Ethereum?

BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Đô la
Hi everyone,

In this analysis I have outlined some major points of analysis for Ethereum             . I have plotted a Gartley harmonic pattern upon the chart which seems to fit perfectly. Those of you who are familiar with this pattern will know that this could mean we have finally reached the end of the bearish trend .

I have also made clear some important resistance levels that we're currently dealing with and what it would take to confirm bullish continuation. I use the word confirm in a very loose way as all traders know that anything could change despite the most reliable confirmation.

I'll update when I have gathered more information.

**Don't take trades based purely on my ideas shared with you; I'm just providing an idea for people who are after some knowledge of what could happen. You should conduct your own analysis and research to build up your own predictions**

Bình luận: Price seems to have tried again to break the blue resistance line but failed with a fake out.
Thanks for your great work bruh :), keep it up
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Reiss_Amara PRO RibHunter420
@RibHunter420, thanks I appreciate it - lots more to come
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