ETH $1050 or more Come? after gained 119%

POLONIEX:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / Tether USD
ETH look Very bullish we adding Fib to analysis it i remember my first analysis from alts was ETH,my analysis was at $8.00 and now it`s at $780 so is ETH still have more?

we look now for green candle VS usdt bearish trend Vs btc             try to be bullish and expect it will do, so yes ETH still have more to do the max of this cycle if i calculated it right will it $1404

buy area $580 it`s good and safe, but as we see ETH Very bullish work harder to make more, was Oppressed last days so maybe time to revenge.

full free to join set your own risk at this price $780


(1) $ 875

(2) $1050

(3) $1404

know we have main buy area at $580 so again set your own risk.

we ask Allah reconcile and repay

by the way, our analysis vs btc             active at 0.02484127 and almost gain first 100%
our last call from $310 close at $680 with 119%
I hope you did not see them late too :)

Previous analysis VS USDT

Previous analysis VS BTC            

Giao dịch bắt đầu: our main area for buy ETH is active at $580
trade move in profit about 35 %

(1) $ 875

(2) $1050

(3) $1404
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Tự đóng giao dịch: @$690
Bình luận: new buy limit at $510/415
set your own risk
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
signal Eth btc still active and run at profit about 90 %
Bình luận: ETH show some power so be ready
Giao dịch bắt đầu: @$736
Sl= $590
Targets= $1050/$1450/$1850
set your own risk
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Bình luận: breakout and move in profit
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: The first target at $1050 achieved
Next targets
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Bình luận: if you want see how this work
Bình luận: https://charts.mql5.com/15/60/ethusd-w1-distel-enterprises-co.png
Bình luận: Current movement show bounced for ETH from $1380 our sec target at $1450 and last one at $1850
we expect fast correction for eth to $1000/850 if closing under $1380 today
so be ready for pickup it again
our trade still active from $736 and pass in profit about 90 %
vs btc play in profit about 200%
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Bình luận: ETH bounced as we expect our trade still active and move in profit about 45 %
$1050 Achieved
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Thank you!
Phản hồi
Hi where can i find information on learning how to create the Gann Star?
Phản hồi
That star looks beautiful. But I have no idea what it means.

How do you decipher it? How do you even draw it?
Phản hồi
Mauma donyewuc
@donyewuc, LOL, I like it too and don't know what is it's use...
Phản hồi
Want to see and learn how it works....May Allah reward you for providing knowledge and wisdom around
Phản hồi
Thanks again Mark. You are the best.

Bought into this at $700 because of this and we're still going strong.
Phản hồi
I jumped out on 1050. Should I jump back?)))
+1 Phản hồi
HamadaMark PRO cryptomizer
@cryptomizer, you jump and we say :) target reached: The first target at $1050 achieved anyway next targets $1450/$1850
Phản hồi
cryptomizer PRO cryptomizer
@cryptomizer, It looks like overbought! I'm hopping on rebuying back around 0.786/0.618 Fibo - what do u think? Thank you very much for all you work
Phản hồi
update pls ^^ u are the best ive ever seen
Phản hồi
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