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Iconomi - a LONG story that nobody cares to understand

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Despite the fact that that ICN got no pump during this recent bull run on basically all the alt coins out there, the fundamentals have not changed, i'm still holding and i'm gonna do it until 10$ but that's not what most people want because it is at least 2 year away.

Is funny how people are waiting for etf's here and there when they got a fund out of SEC approval right in their faces, ICN is not just a coin that sits in the portfolio and does noting, you can see it as shares in the company since your're going to receive weekly dividends ( to get them you have to hold min 42ICN in your ether wallet) ; this project is a bit more complicated at first glance because we talk about ICN , ICNx and ICNp which are 3 different things. And later on the OFM platform ( open fund management )



will reflect the development of the credible cryptocurrency market. It will be transparently managed and traded on major exchanges. ICONOMI.INDEX fund will include several thoroughly researched cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin , Ethereum , Lisk, Steem and other major value tokens.


will aim at high performance - multiplication of investment. It will be actively managed by a team of ICONOMI experts. The team will scout for propitious early investment I.C.O opportunities (crowdfunded startup projects and companies). Through the company-focused fund, everyone can become a venture capitalist, without any of the hassle and capital requirements.

The ICONOMI Open Fund Management (OFM platform )

is a simple management tool where traders with knowledge and experience create their own investment funds. Investors, on the other hand, are able to invest even the smallest amounts, offering a clear overview of available investment fund managers and their current & past performance. The ICONOMI Open Fund Management (OFM) platform will disrupt the asset management industry.


This project is due to news in 2-3 weeks, ICNx is about the launch the beta phase, if people would do their research ICN would be at 1.4$ by now but at some point they will, it's inevitable, meanwhile is a screaming BUY.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: this is a well written article that might help you better understand the project

Bình luận: The I.C.N ticker symbol shown in the comment has nothing to do with ICONOMI, is WISDOMTREE INDIAN RUPEE STRATEGY FUND ; i don't know anything about it.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: trade closed, target reached and exceeded, now waiting to buy back in 0.000245 - 0.000265 area
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: 0.000245 - 0.000265 never came, as i said in the comments i've been watching it closely and i've bought back on the first opportunity to do so, aka i was one of the first to FOMO :)) now i'm looking at 0.000465 - 0.000485

here you can find another idea i've found in my stream, posted by a very good trader i'm following :
Bình luận: the news just came out, and guess what... is HUGE

Bình luận: TP no longer applies for me, i'm not gonna sell even if we reached the second target, from now on i'm just gonna buy the dips and hold, that's the only strategy i have for this amazing asset.
You are my master, teach me sensei.
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outboxvision MateuszGrzelak
@MateuszGrzelak, i would've stayed in position but people are expecting full launch in 2 days and that's not gonna happen. the team has already given us the details many times but people just choose to lie to themselves, create false expectations and then complain about them, first they finish with the beta invites, then they invite the ICO investors based on the amount they invested and only after that everybody else will have access to ICNx. So i expect a huge dump when the trolls on BTT will not receive their invite, good time to reentry the long position.

i may be wrong, time will correct me, or not :))
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outboxvision MateuszGrzelak
@MateuszGrzelak, don't get me wrong, i'm still bullish, a bit uncomfortable being out of position, but i just want to avoid what i consider being inevitable, i will buy back on the first opportunity to do so.
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MateuszGrzelak outboxvision
@outboxvision, Yep I already learned that on slack, that there is no Q1 release, so I shorted at 38k9. You really think It will retrace sub 27k ?
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outboxvision MateuszGrzelak
@MateuszGrzelak, yes, depends on the real news coming out tomorrow, if is negative we may even break the strong support on 21k, having the next on 15.8 k i'm not gonna wait to go that far bc i love the project and i'm spot so i don't have to worry about sniper positions, margin calls or stuff like that.
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