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What UPPPP Financial AMIGOOOOSS!!!!
(Also I am TM'ing that intro phase so there, notice given to all ya'll Plagiarizers - yes I see you out there!)

Okay LETS GET RIGHT INTO IT: 3rd Post here, come on ride that train, and ride it (For some reason that old 90's song been in my head all week, call it a sign)

In case u didn't realize, I called this market turn around before (almost) all of you. A lot of people say are claiming this right now...and that's cool...but I have better written proof. GO on, take a peak. And honestly, I never brag, in fact, I am only doing it now bc this is pretty much anonymous which is fun for me. So you know what? TOLD YOU SO hahaha ;)

You know what else? stuffffff right heeeerrrr is 'bout to go down!!! and by down, I mean it like the way the cool hipster kids use it, meaning it will really go up, like a lot!!!!!

A brief digress as is my custom, I really wanted 50 reputation points in order to passive aggressively comment on most of ya'll's nonsense, but got BORED, and so just bought a year subscription anyway lol. So not sure why I am posting anymore, I guess to brag and personal fun. TO brag more, 24+ rep points on 2 posts...shooottttt...You know you wanna come on ride this train.

Okay, onto the business...I am up 40+ hours now without sleep (and this and all future posts are not trading advice)

lack of sleep is not from trading crypto but more so real life and real job stuff...and guess what, I got me a feeling my Amigos!

I have such a love hate relationship right now with LTC. It's like the younger son that you love more than anything, especially the well behaved older brother...but at same time you also hate them for not following the rules enough and bringing you unneeded stress.

However, in the end this BULLLLLL MARKET (WHICH IS ALREADY HERE AS I CALLED END OF MARCH) is very very soon going to slap the spoiled LTC son around hard enough to make me my lambo.

Honestly, I've been a BIG LTC fan, and still am, but recently like most have lost some more faith than anticipated

Which forced me sell more LTC holdings than I ever thought I would (which is why I know the peak is coming)..

I traded it for XRP (at 0.49 cents you noobs, along with ADA at 0.19 cents) and put other into BCH. Personally, I kind of hate BCH, but apparently the "Smart" money knows something about it that I don't. And as arrogant as I may appear (which isn't arrogance but rather confidence) I am certailny confident enough to realize and accept that some of you may know more a boat load about this more than this young Noob. So....I will ride that train and lets go BCH, XRP, ADA and that spoiled younger offspring child known as LTC that really needs a big slap and no dinner for a week!

Recently I read another post about LTC (I forget who wrote it right now without any sleep - so sorry I can't give you credit but please comment if you're reading) but someone mentioned on another LTC post about how it tends to jump very HIGH on a single say, and usually that happens subsequent to the other coins... and it appears very correct.

SOOOOO....When BTC hits 11.5 ish very soon (and right before a small correction) that's when LTC will re-form in uptrend and make me some decent money (really enough to make back my LTC losses just in time for the tax man to shove one up my you know what).

Okay, rambling now and have to go pick up the take out before my wife divorces me. But thanks for reading and please comment something funny, or don't waste my time. lol jk. not really though.

love to all you strangers, because agree with me or not, we all are apart of something BIG right now, something incredible. GL trading!

P.S.: Keep shorting all you want. I just wish I had some of that hopium you be smoking.

TLN - out.
* Mic Drop

P.P.S.: I wait for confirmations before trading unless the confirmations suddenly change and then I pretend I was right the whole time!!!! GUESS WHO I AM?!?!?!?!?!
Man I'm pissed off at LTC too. wtf..
is it doing? dumping the hardest and lagging the pump. LTC subreddit is completely DEAD. NO ONE THERE.
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jbutler7 Condiments
@Condiments, It will pump. Lots of good things have happened to LTC that haven't reflected in the price yet. (abra-smart contracts, aliant payments focusing on LTC etc). Last time LTC pumptified no one expected it AT ALL, and it was mind blowing, I just wish I had the balls to have sold lol.

It has a very strong community behind it as well. I'm not sure why the subreddit is dead, but I don't use reddit at all anyways. LTCfam is lit on twitters!
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