LTC, fifth wave before correction

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So far ltc has moved exactly as I predict it would. We have the fifth wave in progress. Congratulations to all people who invested using my first chart and gained 200% profit.
Stops should be placed- 265.
If you want to join in, it's a risk, but if you believe that my eliot waves were placed correct , do it but don't put at stake a lot of your money.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Good luck!
Bình luận: Target - 365+, don't be greedy
Excellent, thanks man :)
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LTC moving up again I think your analyze will be 100% correct.

Well done /.
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Hi I missed the increase as I'm still a beginner and learning. Looking for long term hold so would you advise on buying on the way down from $154-175? Any advice greatly appreciated...
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@Kashr1, correction to the 154-175 range is doubtful, if it doesn't go by the eliot wave, it will stop at 200 and rise again(most likely, everything can happen). I posted charts on emc2 and bch, go look at them, they are better options for long term when you missed the others. Private message me if you want to ask something specific. Good day!
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Sorry I'm a beginner in all this but I'm not a day trader looking for a long term hold and missed the increase. If I'm correct should price drop to $154-175 on the way down? Would you advise on waiting...
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Why did you place your 1.0 fib level at $171 instead of top of Wave 1 at $154? It looks like you instead put the .78 at $154. Why? I'm a beginner that's just started learning fib extensions, so I'm sort of confused.
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DreamBlood Cdglax1000316
@Cdglax1000316, mistake on my end, fib 1.0 should be on 154$, had a busy day so I'm a little bit tired and spaced out. Thank you for telling me this.
Phản hồi
good one :)
Phản hồi
Interesting, I like this!
Phản hồi
thanks brother i ll take your tip and try to hold on for the 5th wave. Thinking of selling somwhere in the 360 to 380 USD range
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