Litecoin weekly chart compared to Bitcoin weekly chart-fractals?

BITFINEX:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
2177 21 25
hmmm. Just a thought.
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Very interesting. LTC seems to follow BTC so would love to see this play out in the long term! :)
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C&H coming?
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ecc81281 ecc81281
@ecc81281, Every 450 bars / 75 days we had a new small bull run cycle. Expecting a new after another finishing this cycle that will form C&H.
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btc_joe PRO ecc81281
@ecc81281, yes there is a similar 75 day cycle on the ratio as well which makes sense. Interesting, yes we could...also wouldn't be surprised if we just blew past ATH's but well see.
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Man you love LTC...Why would it repeat that move? :p
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btc_joe PRO IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, Why not? : )

Plenty of fundamental things to be bullish about in addition to the charts:Lightning Network (could help steal some value from bcash), RSK (could help steal some value from ETH), eventually Confidential Transactions (could help steal some value from the privacy coins).

Could be wrong of course, but looks like a similar market cycle to me.
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@btc_joe, I don't know, to me LTC is like Facebook, I hate it, I can't make an objective asessment so I don't trade it.
Charlie Lee turned his back on gpu miners, he can go to hell haha. Asic manufacturers bribed him to not change POW to keep ASIC resistance -LTC's only feature-...he's a sell out.
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IvanLabrie PRO IvanLabrie
In my opinion, ASICs are a cancer of BTC, and any other currency mineable by them, it causes centralization of mining power.
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btc_joe PRO IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, Ummm, I mean I agree that miner centralization (which stems from ASICs) are certainly what I'm most worried about as a threat to btc (and I guess ltc as well)...but I think its sort of a necessary evil and there are still checks and balances on it. It's easy to say how bad it is but bitcoin is still going strong after 9 years, other alternatives to POW are yet to prove themselves on any type of grandscale with significant value/bounty to go after.
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@btc_joe, *is certainly
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