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Hello! I ask you to immediately take into account, this is only my opinion, you make your own decisions! In this chart, we see not only a global uptrend but also a strong local impulse jump up, which ended with the formation of two symmetrical peaks (at the moment), which we can identify as a figure - the Double Top . We also see a dying volume of trades during the formation of the figure. We expect that the breakdown of the bottom of the top of the summit and, as a confirmation, a sharp increase in the volume of trades is possible, and as a result, the price will go down to the development of this figure. Confirmation can be a breakdown of the level of the base of the vertex , then a subsequent level retest and then a subsequent downtrend.
Bình luận: Hello!
Perhaps I have good news!
Breakdown has not yet been confirmed!
But the most interesting is that on the 4-hour chart we see a divergence, we can not say with 100% certainty whether the correction will be how deep it will be and whether it will lead to a reversal. Divergence is just a signal. Yes, high-quality, yes, with a high probability of a positive outcome. But this is just one of the signals of technical analysis .
Let's hope for a change of trend.
All signals of technical analysis, including figures of graphical technical analysis, have an -obvious character.
Figures may not work as expected! ))
Forgive me if it's hard to understand, I use an interpreter!
Phản hồi
So, no positive news and no uptrend? :(
Phản hồi
@qop, We consider the highest probability of further development of the price (about 85%), BUT and other scenarios are not excluded! ; )
Phản hồi
TroyByrne nikmagrus
@nikmagrus, so sad, I had high hopes for this coin. Beta was great and the low token amount was appealing. Too late to exit now, thankfully I only through a few hundred at it.
Phản hồi
nikmagrus TroyByrne
@TroyByrne, The whole market is falling, do not get upset, after the correction, growth will begin again.
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