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MDXG - Time to Short?

Price broke out in 2017 and is currently testing its high levels after the rally up!
The stock is very volatile and It seems there is some weakness in the momentum it once carried.
I'm going ahead to short this; let's see if the volatility plays out in my favor towards the downside.
Sorry, I'm just a contrarian.
Stop at 17.37
Target at 15.72
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: Another, 1 trading day conversion. However, this was over the weekend. Price action this week can call for a more sustained downtrend or maybe a continuation of the upward push.
I'm just watching and waiting here, but for now I am pleased; let's see what happens.
Did you take it to 6 ?
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themdtrader adawhamb
@adawhamb, Nice question. I played a continuation also, but just to $9.00.
Were you in?
Phản hồi
adawhamb themdtrader
@themdtrader, I watched it too long. It was too late. I took a dumb as f*** reactive short around 6.8 lost 300 bucks. Was waiting upper 8 close to MA100 to short but my level never triggered. Still watching it... Though I may risk it as I'm too busy trading the indexes lately.
Phản hồi
adawhamb adawhamb
@adawhamb, *not watched => waited
Phản hồi
themdtrader adawhamb
@adawhamb, Oh no man. Thanks for sharing that, but I feel you. Win some, lose some. Just keep your head in the game and I think you will be fine. I will start putting up more ideas involving options soon enough so you can check back later to check them out. Safe trading!
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